Chapter 20

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Christopher's POV

Small movement next to me, woke me up. Barely opening my eyes, I watched a naked Brandy scrambled to find her clothes. Barely getting a shirt on, she glances over at me where I lay just grinning at her.

Brandy crawls back onto the bed where I then pull her down next to me. "Good Morning." She smiles as she lays her head on my chest. "We have to get up before my parents start to wonder why I haven't gone downstairs all morning." Brandy tells me sitting up. "But I do have to shower....if you want to join me?" She teases quickly getting off the bed and running into the bathroom.

Getting into the bathroom, Brandy wrapped her arms and legs around me as we both step in the shower. "We can't be too long. We can't get caught together." She tells me as her fingers gently play in the ends of my hair.

My lips barely touching hers, my heart started to race. I felt like a little girl in a candy shop. Butterflies. "Maybe we should get caught."

She giggles quietly, closing the shower door. "Very funny Christopher." She whispers.

My hands roamed her body intensely. I felt the urge to grab every inch of her and just let Brandy wrap herself around me whenever she wanted. She just needs someone to show her a little bit of compassion. I never seen so much love and kindness in someone before. I can see why others can find her attractive, not just looks wise.

"Chris?" Her voice questions concerned bringing me out of my thoughts. "You alright?"


I shook my head. "Yeah. I'm fine. Let's just-"

I barely got to finish my sentence. Instead the bathroom door flew opened to an angry figure standing in the frame.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Hi Daddy." She replies softly. Her voice choked as she scrambled to grab her towel.

I chuckled light under my breath, stepping out of the shower with her. "Morning Mr. Diamond." I said with a smirk as I wrapped a towel around my waist.

"Christopher please not now." Brandy says softly biting her bottom lip. "I-I'll be back." She says following her father out of the bathroom.

Throwing back on my clothes, I opened the door to an empty room. I picked up my phone to a bunch of missed calls from Julian. Calling him back, I peaked out the window. I watched Brandy's father walk to his car.

"Christopher. Where are you?" Julian questions concerned. "Denim's losing his shit."

"I went out for a bit. Denim can stay mad all he wants. I don't care. I'm not telling him where Brandy is."

He paused for a minute. "Christopher he's going to start terrorizing her family and you know that. He's tired of this game that you have him going on. When he finds her, he will hurt her....again."

"Then Stop Him Julian! Denim's Not Coming Anywhere Near Brandy!" I said raising my voice.

"I just located your car. I'll see you within the hour." He says hanging up the call.

"Damn It!" I shout throwing my phone on the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I rubbed my face with my hands breathing out deeply. "I gotta leave." I mumbled to myself.

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