Chapter 28

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Brandy's POV

"Denim cut it out!" I groaned finally managing to kick him away. Jumping off of the bed, I scrabbled to put back on my underwater and shorts. "Denim please just respect my decisions, okay?" I asked leaning against the wall.

He sits on the bed rubbing the sides of his head. "Fine. Whatever makes you happy." Denim smiles.

"Good." I nod. "Once we agree on things, obviously I'll change my mind here and there."

Denim takes my hand pulling me closer to him. He kisses the back of my hand as he stares down at me. "You tasted really good by the way."

I scoffed. "Jesus Denim!" I said trying not to laugh.

"What? It's true." He says.

"Denim I've had enough of you for one day. Just go do whatever you clearly are so eager to do and then join me in bed, alright?"

He raises an eyebrow like he's confused. "What makes think that I have to go somewhere?"

"Your phone keeps ringing. I just assumed that it's business calls. Is it not business related?"

"No it is." He tells me. "I promise I won't be long. I just got to take care of something."

I nod my head about to climb under the sheets. "Brandy, wait." Denim says.

Turning around, Denim grabs my hips waist. "You know that I love you, right?"

Love? That's a strong word. Rarely ever been told by Denim to me. Maybe once or twice. I would also believe that it was never said to me by him. "Really?"

"Yeah. I just don't know how to show it."

I smiled. "You got that fucking right." I said placing my hands on his chest. "Now go and come back. I don't want to be alone here for too long."

"I think I'm starting to rub off on you." Denim says.

"Ha!" I laughed pushing myself away. "Denim you're funny."

"I'll be back, baby."

"Be safe."

I laid in bed for what seemed like a few hours. I was getting close to falling asleep, but I wanted to wait for Denim. I guess I would feel a little safer if he was here next to me.

I turned over and put the lamp on. "Maybe he's stuck with business. Something he doesn't want me to know?" I whispered to myself. I got up and walked to the sink to grab a cup of water.

I never approved of what Denim does for a living, but I refused to know of it...well as much as possible. There are still things that break my heart, make me sick to my stomach.

I frowned. Maybe he's hurt and can't reach me. "Oh." I said biting my lip. "Maybe I should go look for him."

I grabbed a sweater and pair of shoes and made my way towards the elevator. Pressing the button, I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and peaked around the corner.

"You just got here? This isn't fair." I couldn't see her face. But she seemed upset about something. "I-I don't understand."

I waited for something else to happen, but it was quiet. "I have to go. I promised her I'd be back hours ago."

"Denim...please don't go." The girl begs. "Please."

My heart raced faster. It was the same girl from earlier. She looked as if she was crying. Trying not to be seen, Denim walks past her. "Denim don't you walk away from me!" She exclaims.

Denim stops in his tracks. "Kassandra...I told you that I don't want to be with you."

"It's that blonde girl, isn't it?"

That's Kassandra? Why is she here? Did Denim bring her here just to spite me?

"That blonde girl is Brandy. I don't have to fucking explain to you why I want nothing to do with you." Denim snaps. "You are nothing, but a whore that craves attention."

That's a little harsh.

"You are going to regret that."

Denim's POV

"Regret what?"  I asked her. "Regret leaving you for Brandy? Maybe you are a little fucked in the head."

"You are just letting that little slut walk all over you and take your fucking money." Kassandra says grabbing my arm. "You're making a huge mistake Denim."

Grabbing Kassandra by her throat, I pinned her against the door. "The Only Mistake I'm Making Is Allowing You To Still Be Talking!" I growled. "You wanna know something Kassandra? Brandy is someone very important to me and this time around I'm going to make things work...even if that means making bitches like you disappear."

"Denim. She's-"

"Shut Up! Now you are going to go back and pack everything you have and disappear somewhere. I don't ever want to see your fucking face again. You got that?"

Kassandra didn't say anything. She just tried to free herself, prying at my hands. Tears filled in her as she nodded. She started gasping for air, trying to push me away.

"...Denim. Let her go. It's okay. You don't need to hurt her." A soft, sweet voice says coming up behind me. Brandy comes up from behind me letting her hands run over mine till I found myself letting Kassandra go. She drops to the ground gasping and coughing for air.

"Get away from me." Kassandra says. Brandy kneels down trying to help Kassandra up to her feet. "I said Get Away From Me Denim!" She shouts.

"Denim it's okay." Brandy says. "I'm just right behind you." She tells me.

"I'm not leaving you alone with her." I said glaring down Kassandra. "She could hurt you."

Brandy shakes her head. "She won't hurt me. I'll be okay...I promise."

"I'm waiting outside. You have 5 minutes."

Brandy nods her head helping Kassandra back into the room. The five minutes seemed to drag on forever. I kept pounding on the door just hear Brandy's voice. Just for her to tell me that everything's okay.

"Brandy. What's going on there? It's too quiet." I said pounding on the door.

A couple of seconds passed and nothing. "Brandy-"

The door opens and Brandy simply walks out of the room. Slowly shutting the door behind her, she just looks at me. "If you keep shouting, you are going to wake up everyone on this floor and I doubt you are going to want an audience." She says.

Brandy trudges down the hallway as I follow along behind her. "Brandy how much of that did you see?"

She didn't say anything. She just kept waking. It was like she couldn't hear me.

"Brandy I'm speaking to you."

She whips around. "Then keep talking Denim. I don't care right now. I'm tired and want to go to bed."

I could see the disappointment in her eyes. I've seen this look before and oddly enough it made every limb on my body tingle. "Brandy. I'm sorry." I say catching up to her. I caught her right before she opens the door. I placed my hand on the knob, so she couldn't walk away from. "She was getting on my nerves."

She remained silent. "The only person that deserves an apology from you is Kassandra. And her getting on your nerves is not an excuse to hurt her...or anyone else for that matter." Brandy tells me. "Now once you have decided to start acting like an adult and not a goddamn child, you can come back in the room. Did I make myself clear, Denim?"

She placed her hand over mine just enough to get the door open. "You didn't answer me. Answer Me Denim." She says right before turning her back on. "Did I Make Myself Fucking Clear?"

"Crystal." I replied gently.

"Good, now get out of my face."

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