Chapter 22

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Brandy's POV

Not long after Christopher came and joined me at the motel. I heard him argue with Julian about me, but he refused to tell me anything. He said it wasn't important enough.

My stomach churned the more I stayed in this dim lighted room. Something seems off. "Can't I go home tonight? I don't want to be here anymore." I said to Christopher who pulls me down closer for our lips to touch.

Moving down to my neck he stops and looks me in the eyes. "Don't ruin the moment." He says brushing my hair out of my face. "We can talk about it after-"

"-No!" I exclaimed. "I'm not sleeping with you anymore. Just leave me alone. You can get your own room." I said throwing on my clothes. I walked towards the door, opening it, indicating for him to leave.

"I'm not letting you stay here by yourself." He tells me. Christopher walked over to me placing his hand over mine. Trying to move his hand away, he just shuts the door locking it behind him. "Just relax a little Brandy. You'll be fine."

I stared at him in disbelief. "What? How-how can you say that? Just because you are running from Denim doesn't mean I have to too!"

Christopher grabs my arm bringing me in closer to him. I remembered that angered look in his eyes. The same glare that Julian has given me as well as Denim. It's like this underlying demon of anger lives inside them just waiting to jump out. "I'm running from Denim? Guess who's fault this is!? None of us would be here if you just-"

He paused for a moment. His grip around my arm stayed strong. "If I just what?"

"If you just fucking listened to him instead of-"

I never thought I would ever do something like this. If I did, Christopher would be the last person on my list. I stopped him mid sentence by letting my hand come into contact with the side of his face. As he let go of my arm, I took a step back just glaring at him. "Get out. I don't want to see you anymore or Julian."

"Brandy I didn't mean to." Christopher says trying to step closer to me. I shook my head keeping the distance between us. "You know that it's not true. You know Denim is just an asshole who likes to hurt you."

"I said get out Christopher." I say trying my hardest not to burst out into tears. "I want to be alone."

He groans turning away from me. "Stop acting like a brat. Maybe you are a child after all." He says leaving my room.

Pacing around the room, I tried to talk myself into spending one night in the motel no matter how much I wanted to leave. But a part of me didn't want to give Julian or Christopher the satisfaction of seeing me as a child.

Startled by the sound of my phone ringing, I rummaged through my bag trying to answering the call before it ends. "Hello?"

"Brandy come home please. We have some important guests over...and they are just dying to meet you." My mother says excitedly. "It would mean so much to your father and I."

I ran my hand through my hair. "Um yeah. I'll be there soon." I told her.

"Brandy?" She says concerned.


"I love you."

I laughed shortly. "I love you too, mom. I'll see you soon."

Taking all my pride with me, I walked back to over to Julian's room hoping he would agree to take me home. I bit my lip, nervous, of what he might say.

"Brandy. I didn't think I'd see you for the rest of the day." Julian says with a smirk. "What brings you here to my lovely room?"

"I really, really...really need to go home. My mom called and said that it's something important." I explained to him.

He chuckles lightly. "No. Call her back and say that you a got flat tire or something."

I frowned. "I can't do that. She needs me-"

I stopped mid sentence. "You don't care at all." I said to myself about to turn away.

I watched him smile and wink at me right before I turned my back to him. "I'm sorry Brandy."

"Uh...yeah. It's fine." I say softly. I tried smiling through the pain. I thought he would want me to be somewhere safe. Like at home with my parents. "Just thought you would want what's best for me."

Playing the oldest trick in the book. Guilt. I looked over my shoulder and quickly glanced away as I slowly walked over to door. "I guess it's fine. If you want my parents to freak out, they'll do that. Then it'll be on the news and everyone-"

"No." Julian smiles. "In case you are forgetting, I was raised by a mafia leader. Guilting me into doing something, isn't going to work." He tells me.

I opened my mouth to speak. "Right forget about that." I muttered to myself. "I'll let myself out then."

Opening the door, I felt Julian grab my wrist. "If you really want me to take you home, we can figure something out." He says brushing my hair away from my neck. "I mean you've been fucking my brother for the past couple of days."

I placed my hands on his chest. "What? You want me to have sex with you?" I questioned. I couldn't find the right words to say. Hell...I can't even process what he's asking.

Julian leans in gently planting a soft kiss on my neck. "I promise you won't regret it." He says softly letting his hands move slowly down my back.

I tried to pull myself away. "I don't think that's a good idea. You know what? It's alright. I'll just tell my parents I can't make it."

Right before I could leave, Julian picks me up, spinning me around. Gently tossing me on the bed, he hovers over me removing his shirt. "Don't be a tease." He whispers.

"It's not fair to-"

Julian looks down at me. "Who's it not fair to Brandy? Denim? Cause you slept with Declan. Then you sleep with Christopher. You're just getting around to everyone." He says.

"Get off of me." I exclaimed forcing myself to sit up. "I'm not sleeping with you."

He groans. "Just get your stuff Brandy." He says throwing back on his shirt. "I'll take you home."

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