Chapter Four

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Denim's POV

I rolled my eyes. "Declan has this safe house. It's about eight hours away. He probably has Brandy there." I said calmly. Milan came clean about her son. Not much about what he's up too, just enough to know where he can be located.

"Denim are you sure that you-"


Julian kept quiet. "I could check the place out and maybe check on Brandy if she's there." He says. "Maybe one of your guys can tag along for backup. Declan definitely wouldn't be there without protection."

I nod. I didn't care what happens to anyone else. They could have their heads chopped off and I'll look the other way. Just as long as I have Brandy back.

Milan finally spilled about Declan's location. She mentioned that there's a family safe house down south. I haven't been able to do much. Just bouncing around from the club to bar and home.

"This is getting on my fucking nerves. I want her back in the next couple of days." I rubbing my face hands together. "And then I want to handle Declan myself." I told them.

Alexander simply walks into the room with Charlotte. "She misses you Denim. Go spend some time with her." He insists. Charlotte runs over to me with a smile on her face.

I groaned as I picked her up. She held onto my shirt resting her head on my shoulder. "Hi Daddy!" She exclaims. I forgot how annoying she can be.

"Remind me why she's here."

Alexander sighs. "She's your kid Denim. That means she's your responsibility. I'm not your damn babysitter." He says. "Charlotte needs you in your life. You also need to take your mind off things."

"Where's mommy?" Charlotte questions. No one said a word. I knew she was referencing to Brandy since she was the only one who gave Charlotte the time of day after Madison died.

"Come on baby, we're going home." I told Charlotte kissing her head. "Mommy is coming home soon, I promise."

Brandy's POV

Around three in the morning, I heard footsteps coming towards my room. Sitting up, I turned on the lamp. "Declan?" I said getting out of the bed. He didn't answer. Opening the door, I walked out into the dark hallway.

There's no one there. "Declan?" I called out again scare-like. I frowned. Turning back to head into my room, my mouth was covered. I was pulled back into my room where Declan started to laugh a little.

I crossed. "Why would you do that? You scared me." I said taking a step back.

Declan took my hand and walked me closer to him. I felt his hand start to go up my shirt reaching my bra. "I needed some laughter today." He tells me kissing my neck.

I rolled my eyes pushing him back a step. "I didn't laugh."

"No you didn't. That was for me, but I bet I can make scream my name again."Declan says picking me up. Gently laying me down on the bed, he gets on top of me not breaking the kiss between us.

Just as my shirt came off, Declan's phone started to ring. He was becoming busier everyday with something new. As much as I would try to convince him to stay, so I wouldn't have to be alone here, he just tells me that it's important.

"I guess I'll just see you sometime later on in the afternoon. Around four." I said putting back on my shirt.

"Brandy. I'm sorry. But it's business. I just have a lot going on." Declan says answering his phone as he walks out the room. "I'll come back." He says before pulling me in for a kiss.

"But you always say that? And so did my parents. And so did Denim." I mumbled to myself getting back into bed. I heard the front door slam shut and Declan speeding off down the road.

I spent the night waiting for Declan to come back, but he never did. By the time I woke up, the house was still silent as always. When I tried to call him he kept sending me to voicemail. Normally I would get text from him, but not this time.

"Declan can you please call me back. I'm getting worried." I said leaving him another voicemail.

Maybe I'm getting a little paranoid. Later on that day, I heard small whispers coming from downstairs. Assuming it's Declan I made my down the steps.

I guess I should have prepared myself a little or been ready to see what I did. But I wasn't. I kinda stood there unable to fully process what's happening. This is all too much. Am I dreaming?

Julian rushes over to me cupping my face. "Where's Declan?"

I shook my head. "Why are you here? Did Declan send you?" I asked taking a step back.

He paused for a moment. "Brandy we may only have a short amount of time. We have to go." He tells me.

Leaving. "Why?"

I felt like child constantly asking why and being confused.

"Because you can't stay here anymore. It's not safe for you. Declan is no good." Julian explains to me. He kept peaking out the window to make sure no one would show up. Not like anyone ever did. "Please just go grab your things."

"No!" I exclaimed. "You can't make me. I like it here." I lied. I don't like it here. I'm lonely and scared here especially when I'm alone.

Julian started grow frustrated with me. Just like Denim anger showed in his eyes. "Denim wants you back home with him. I thought you would be happy to go back to him."

I froze. Felt like I was going to vomit. "What kind of sick joke are you trying play?" I exclaimed moving away from him. "Denim's Dead Julian!"

He rubbed his temples slightly with a sigh. "...Denim's alive Brandy. Who do you think sent me here?"

He's alive. So Declan lies to me? Why?

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