Chapter 37

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"You need friends Brandy. You can't sit around the house all day with a 4-year-old all day." Denim tells me as he steps out of the shower.

I raised my eyebrow. Denim refuses to let me go anywhere that he isn't for. "Denim I don't feel like going out. Plus I like spending time Charlotte."

Denim places his hands on my waist holding me towards him. "You can't mope around all day-"

"-stop it. I told you that I don't want you to bring it up anymore."

Denim sighs gently hold me back as I tried to walk away. "Look at me." He tells me softly. Barely glancing up at him, Denim cups my face. "You lost the baby-"

Chills ran down my spine and my stomach turned. I shook my head. "Please stop." I begged him. As I try to push him away he just holds me tighter.

Denim chuckles lightly. "Princess you have to get over it someday. It happened a long time ago."

A month is not a long time ago.

Pushing myself away from him, I looked up at him in disbelief. "How can you be so insensitive? You're talking as if our child meant nothing to you."

"Of course it was sad, but we can make another one." He says. "We can even make one right here." Denim whispers seductively picking me up to sit on the counter.

For weeks Denim has been trying to get me to forget about what happened. I could tell that the accident upset him. He refused to leave my side, didn't let anyone speak to me. Although he won't tell me what happened, I know he did something to Alexander. Denim just tells me that I shouldn't worry about it.

"I'm sorry about what happened to you and our child. If I was with you...I shouldn't have let my selfishness get the best of me. It hurt you and we lost our baby. You know that I will do anything in my power to make you happy again, to make the pain hurt a little less." Denim says still holding onto me. One hand was placed on the counter and the other holding my leg up against his torso. "I love you, Brandy Lockwood."

"You're lucky that I already married you." I scoffed. Sliding off the counter, Denim holds me still.

He leans in like he's about to kiss me. "I'm serious about you making friends. You can't spend all day with Charlotte."

I stayed silent. I forget sometimes that I did have a friend once. I lost him. Shrugging my shoulders, I walked away feeling a sense of loneliness and emptiness.

I started to wonder if it was normal for me to constantly lose people in my life. I lost Aaron. My family. I lost my baby. If I'm correct, I'm probably days away from losing myself.


"I see that you're hanging in there. Just give up already." I scoffed. Crossing my arms, I leaned against the wall.

Alexander flutters his eyes glancing over at me.He clears his throat. "How's she doing? Did you tell her that I'm sorry for-"

"-killing my child?"

How would sorry make things better?

Alexander doesn't say anything. "...It was for the best, Denim!" He exclaims attempting to sit up. "You just don't realize it yet!"

I rolled my eyes. "She was happy. I was happy. But now my wife is upset and hurt. How do you think that makes me feel?"

I wasn't there. If I was there, I could have protected her. Could have helped her. Every time I see her mope around the house, it angers me. She relies on me to keep her safe and I failed. As a man. Her husband. As a father.

"You're lucky that I didn't leave you for dead. I rather you suffer for the rest of your pathetic life." I growled.

Alexander chuckles. "...pathetic?" He questions. "You are me. I made you." He smirks. "If it wasn't for me, you'd be nothing. I Taught You Everything You Know!"

"I'm a better man than you ever were."

"But yet you'll always come to me when your in trouble. Because you know daddy will save you."

"'re full of shit."

Heading towards the door, I opened it for and stopped in my tracks for a second.

Alexander laughs shortly then starts to cough. "You may not realize it, but Brandy never wanted that kid. She knows that she's too young to be apart of your world and live the life that you want her too." He explains as his voice gets raspy. "Kid raising a kid."

"Please don't ever speak about wife...ever." I say simply gently shutting the door behind me.

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