Chapter 10

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Brandy's POV

"Denim." I giggle. "Stop it. Someone just pulled into the driveway." I smile trying to push Denim off me. Denim grabs onto my waist leaving a trail kisses down my stomach.

"Let them see." He tells me. "They can't have you anyways." Attempting to grab the fallen blanket off the ground to cover my body. Making my way back up to my lips, I wrap my arms around his neck keeping Denim closer to me.

"De-nim." I moan quietly. "We need to put-"

"I must say this view this more than amazing!"

Denim laughs as he sits up. Taking the blanket, he covers my chest from Christopher and Julian seeing my naked body. "Stop Staring At Her!" Denim exclaims. He puts back on his pants right before he stands up. 

Keeping the blanket wrapped around me as tight as I could. I scrambled to my feet to find my clothes that Denim sporadically threw all over the living. Glancing up for a second, Denim had both Christopher and Julian face the wall till I managed to get my clothes. 

"Hi." I said softly making my way past them. Barely getting up the stairs, Julian calls me back. Turning around, he holds up a blue piece of clothing.

"Lingerie like this can be very misleading. You really shouldn't leave this around just like that."

I frowned. Looking down at my pile of clothes in my arms. I had my underwear. My face turned red, but not from embarrassment. I looked away them from as I made my way back up the steps. "Those aren't mine." I said to him. 

Getting upstairs to the bedroom, I locked the door behind. I'm not mad like I should be. Or like how any other female should be if they find out that their significant other has another women's clothing lying around the house. Putting back on my clothes, I took my time before I made my way back downstairs. What would Denim say? Or Julian? What about Christopher? 

Denim's POV

"Next time leave the thong on the floor and pretend you don't see it." I said grabbing it from Julian's hand. "If she comes back down here are going to fix the mess you started."

Julian sits on the other side of the living room with laughter in his eyes. "Just tell her that you love her and she'll forget all about it." He teases. "She's gullible."

"I'm not gullible." Brandy says walking into the living room. She turns to me with sad eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. 

"Brandy go wait in my office." I say to her. 

"Why? So you can tell me that I'm crazy or that I'm making a big deal over nothing." 

I crossed my arms backing her against the wall. "Precisely. You're not a fucking kid anymore, so don't make me drag you there myself." 

"Denim leave her alone. She hasn't done anything to you." Christopher cuts in. "Just admit that you made a mistake."

Looking down at Brandy, you could see the hurt in her eyes. "Brandy just get out of my face." I told her. 

"Denim-" Christoper says. 

Brandy simply turns away and walks back upstairs. I looked over at my brothers who just sat down on the couch. "I'm assuming you are here for something else besides trying to get Brandy to resent me."

Christopher looks over at Julian with a concerned look. "Brandy might be in danger."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked crossing my arms. 

"Brandy as a bigger role the we thought. Her family owns Diamond & Co. Meaning that she'll own at least 50 percent of the company by the time she turns 18. But the there's an underlying problem." Julian says.

I raises any eyebrow. "Meaning?"

"Meaning that her family also owns the illegal cartel that runs most of their business throughout the business without anyone knowing. If Brandy gains control over the company eventually, mobs are going to come after Brandy trying to take it from underneath her. Even if that means killing her." Christopher explains.

I nod my head. "She's walking target." I mumbled to myself. "Brandy's 18. She owns part of the company now. She probably doesn't even know it."

"What's the plan?" Julian asks. 

"There is no plan. We just need to be more careful." I said to them. "Whatever you do, do not speak to anyone about this. We don't need a bigger target over her head."

The both nodded their heads in sync. "Someone just pulled in the driveway." Julian says getting up.

"It's Alexander bringing Charlotte home." I told him.

"Sure. If he aged backwards and Charlotte grew to be some dirty blonde." He says opening the door. "Can I help you?" He asks. Throwing on my shirt, I walked over to the front door. They both both looked at me like I was some sort of endangerment. I recognized their faces. I've seen their faces before. I chuckled lightly realizing who they were. They might be some use to me. 

The lady clears her throat turning her attention back to Julian. "I'm Iris and this is Eric, my husband. I'm looking for Brandy. I was told that she would be here." She says. "I'm her mother."

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