Chapter 33

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Brandy's POV

After the wedding, I found myself constantly debating with myself and with a bunch of other people. Everyone throwing hurtful words towards me.Gold Digger. Just a bunch of people related to Denim. I guess the worst part about it is that I still haven't heard from my parents. I think I've filled up their mailbox with voice messages for them to call me back.


"fuck Brandy." He groans lightly in my ear. Denim's hand remains under my knee as he continues to thrust himself inside me. 

"Denim." My hands gripped onto the sides of the bedsheets. 

It's your wifely duty Brandy. 

Is all I've been hearing for the past month ever since the night of the wedding. 

You cook, you clean, you care for the child, and you satisfy him. 

I think they forgot to tell me that I should be happy in the process.

Stand there and look pretty. 

The only time I have alone is when I'm in the shower even then it is only thirty seconds of me time before Denim joins me or Charlotte banging on the door.

Shortly after, I got Charlotte ready for the day and got started on breakfast.

"French toast again Brandy? Switch it up for once." 

Looking up, Kassandra simply smiles sitting at the table. I frowned watching her pick at the bowel of fruits. "How long are you planning on staying?" I asked her as I gave her a plate.

She shrugs. "As long as you're around, I will be around and I will make sure that I drive you out of Denim's life. You're ruining it." Kassandra says quietly with a sly smile. 

"Mommy!" Charlotte calls out.

"...and Charlotte will realize that you aren't her mother. Just some bimbo who likes to play the victim. You abuse that little girl It's so clear."

"...that-that is not true. I don't play the victim." I tell her. "And I Don't Abuse Charlotte. I Would Never Do That To Her."

Kassandra laughs. "Okay Brandy. Whatever helps you sleep at night."

"Mommy!" Charlotte calls out again even louder.

Simply walking away from her, I made my way to Charlotte. She refuses to eat anything that isn't properly cut the way she likes it. There are times where Charlotte resembles Denim and truth be told, it kinda freaks me out. She's incredibly smart and knows how to get what she wants. 

"Good Morning Denim!" Kassandra says eagerly.

Denim glances over at her for a second. "Kassandra."

"Hi daddy." Charlotte says with her mouth full. 

Denim leaves a kiss on her head. 

"Mmm, Brandy you made me work up an appetite this morning." Denim says pulling me up from the chair. He then sits just to sit me down on his lap. His arm snaked around my waist. "Did you eat yet?"

I shook my head. "No. I'm going to clean up first."

Suddenly Kassandra gasps nearly jumping out of her seat. "The baby is moving. Denim come feel."

"No. I believe you." He says bluntly.

He didn't even look up. 

"Brandy I don't want this anymore. Make me something else." Kassandra says. She was quiet for a minute before she realized that no one was going to give her the time of day. "Brandy! I'm speaking to you."

I sighed. "Right. Sorry. What would you like?" 

I tried to get up, but Denim tightened his grip around my waist. "Kassandra is perfectly capable of getting off her ass and doing it herself. You aren't her fucking maid."

"Please don't swear around Charlie." I say. Denim rolls his eyes.

"Brandy!" Kassandra whines.

I still tried to get up. "I-I don't mind."

"Sit. Down. Brandy." Denim tells me sternly.

"You can't do this Denim." Kassandra exclaims.

"She's my wife. I tell her what to do. You don't." Denim says looking up from his phone. 

I could feel Kassandra glaring at me. She sat there at the table refusing to eat or even get something else herself. She insisted that I do it for her since she's too pregnant. I waited until Denim had left the room with Charlotte, so I could stop her complaining. 

"You know I've been watching you for the past few weeks." Kassandra says as I handed her a bowel of fruits with toast. 

I nod my head. "I mean you did move yourself in even when Denim says that he does not want you anywhere near me. Also didn't he buy you a place to live?" I crossed my arms. 

She tilts her head. "That place. He actually bought that you. After the wedding he was going to move you guys there, but I managed to talk him into giving it to me. Plus I don't think you deserve something as nice as that."

Denim bought us a place to live, but he never said anything to me. Or even mentioned moving once. "You are living in the place that my husband bought for us? Wh-why? Why would you let him do that?" I questioned. My heart started to race. 

She laughs shortly. "Because I don't like you."

"Well I'm not a big fan of you either." I tell her.

"So when are you planning on telling him that you're pregnant?"

I froze. I shook my head. "I'm not pregnant." 

"Brandy you don't wear anything fitted. You run to the bathroom constantly to vomit. You eat like crazy when no one is looking. You also look a little fat." She blurts out. "I guess it doesn't even matter if you tell him now or later, either way he won't let you keep it. You are just a trophy...a prize to be exact. You just have to stand there and look pretty while I have our love child together."

My stomach churns. I did feel like I have to vomit again. "You...I-I don't know what you are t-talking about. I'm not pregnant. It's stress or maybe anxiety. I don't know. All I know is that I'm not having a baby." I explain to her placing the dishes into the sink. 

"Take a test."

"Brandy." Denim says walking back into the kitchen. "I have some things to do today. I'll be home later tonight. Julian is coming over to make sure you and the pregnant one don't kill each other." He says grabbing my face leaving a kiss on my lips. "Then you and I can-"

"-you gave her the place that you had bought for you and I?" I asked him. Denim just smiles without saying another word. Planting another kiss on my lips then my cheek he simply walks away heading out of the door. 

"I told you. Now before all that morning sickness comes rushing out. Get out of my sight."

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