Chapter Six

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Brandy's POV

I stood behind Julian like he said. "Don't hurt him Julian. Please. He didn't do anything wrong." I say brushing my hair out of my face.

He looks back at me for a second. "Brandy you are going to make rip my hair out." Julian says throwing his head back slightly.

"Brandy!" Declan continues to shout.

"Go out there and distract him." Julian whispers.

I shook my head. "Excuse me? No. I can't do that." I said crossing my arms. "He's going to know something is up. I'm a terrible liar."

Julian takes my hand bringing to the door. "If you can fake it in bed with Denim, you can do this."

"Brandy get here right now." I heard Declan say. Turning around Declan stood a few steps away from holding out his hand. "Come here before he hurts you."

I felt like child standing in the middle of things and not being able to make up their mind. "I can explain this. I promise." I said biting my lower lip. "It's not what it seems."

"I don't care. It's not your fault. It's him that I'm going to blame." Declan says grabbing onto my hand.

"Julian didn't do anything to me." I said trying to pull him back. "He-he...just wanted to talk to me."

"Brandy I'm not an idiot. He left his car in the driveway."

Julian steps closer to Declan. "Come on let's not make this hard on the lady. Brandy is coming home with me. But since I'm feeling nice today...I don't feel the need to put a bullet right between your eyes."

My stomach started to feel sick. "Don't Hurt Each Other!" I exclaimed.

"Brandy go wait in the other room." Declan says bringing me closer to him. His hand snaked around my waist gently. "This won't take long."

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Tears started to fill my eyes. I stared at the both them. Both ready to rip each other apart in seconds. Because of me?

I pushed myself away from Declan. "Maybe I should go with Julian. I'll come back-"

Declan cuts me off. "-you aren't going anywhere. He's just going to take you back to the person who hurt you the most."

"You mean Denim. The one you claim that is dead?" Julian says with a smirk going across his face.

"I want to go with Julian." I blurted. "You lied to me about Denim. You know how I feel about Denim and you made me think that he's never going to come back for me." I explained.

Declan didn't say much. Instead he moved closer to me grabbing my upper arm. "What The Hell Do You Think You Are Doing?" He shouts in my face. I lowered my head slightly.

"I'm sorry, but you lied to me-"

"How Could You Be So Stupid Brandy?" Declan questions raising his voice louder at me. "Fine. Go back to him, but once lays a finger on you...don't ever fucking come back to me."

With as much force as he could, he shoves me back. I stumbled back landing in Julian's arms. I held onto his shirt with a good grip. "Go to your room and get your things. I'll deal with this fucker on my own." He whispers pushing me behind him into the room. I nod my head.

And I did exactly that. My hands shook as I tried to shove as many things as I could into one bag. What if I'm making mistake and Declan is right. Denim really could be dead and I'm about to walk myself into something bad.

I froze for a second standing in front of the bathroom  mirror. I looked better and healthier since I came here. But I hated it here. Always by myself, feeling a sense of regret and guilty, it haunted me.

I shook my head. "I need to leave." I muttered to myself. Exiting the bathroom, I heard a loud thud right outside of the door.

"Brandy You Better Get A Move On!" I hear Julian shout. Picking up my bag, I open the door standing in the middle of two guns about to fire off at each other. Both pitting their weapons down, Declan looked at way from.

No one said anything. Julian just took my bag from me storming off down the steps. Before heading down the stairs, I turned back towards Declan. "I'm sorry." I said walking over to him. "I'm thankful-"

"Save it Brandy." He says brushing past me. "You were just a good fuck while it lasted." I could see how much it pained him to say that. But for me it hurt twice as much.

I shrug brushing my hair out of my face. "Yeah. I guess you're right." I say quietly.

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