Chapter 25

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Brandy's POV

Sitting in the car, my stomach ached. I felt sick. I knew I was making a mistake agreeing to come on this business trip of his. I think it's just an excuse to be alone with me. Change my mind about him...once again.

"Where exactly are we going?" I ask barely glancing over at him.

Denim just places his hand on my thigh. I placed my hand over his. Right as I was about to move his hand lower, he squeezes me moving his hand even higher. "Brandy...please. I'm not going to argue with you."

I bit my lip deciding to keep my mouth shut. Arguing with Denim would make things worse between us. Whenever we do get along things are actually pretty good between us. It's like we a natural connection with one another...maybe.

Most of the ride was pretty quiet. Every so often he would get a phone call and argue with someone on the other end. A few times it was Alexander and I could tell it was about me. I guess they still believe that I'm a child who is falling right into Denim's arms.

A couple of hours went by and I managed to get Denim to stop at some small diner. "Please. I'm starving." I begged him.

"It's the middle of the night. Just close your eyes and you'll be fine." He said to me.

I placed my hand on his upper arm squeezing gently. "Denim! Please!"

He sighed. "Jesus Christ Brandy." I heard him mutter. "How can I say no to you baby?"

I swear Denim barely parked the car before I jumped out and rushed inside. Taking a menu, my eyes scanned over the delicious options. Looking back at Denim, I eagerly walked over to him. "Are you going to order something?" I asked staring up at him.

"Pick something for me." He says answering another call. I frowned reading the name on the screen. Kassandra with a red heart. "

"Who's that?" I asked softly.

Denim looks at me expressionless. "Brandy not now. I'll be back." He says walking out of the diner.

I trudged back over to the counter patiently waiting to order. I kept looking back at Denim. Who the hell is Kassandra? A part of me wants to ask again and another just wants to pray it's nothing.

"Hi. What can I get you?" The waitress asks taking out her notepad.

"Um...two turkey clubs please. One with extra turkey. Thanks." I say gently.

Denim walks back in, standing next to me. "Alright I talk to you later." He says hanging up.

Denim leans in gently plants a soft kiss on top of my head. "I got you a turkey club." I say softly. He nods staring down at his phone. Peaking over, it was the same girl.

"Denim can we talk for a minute? Please?" I asked following him to an empty booth.

"Not right now." He tells me.

I sighed. "...oh, sure."

Sitting quietly, Denim still didn't look up from his phone. As soon as we got our food, he just grabbed it to go and dragged me out with him. "It's getting late." That was all he said to me for the rest of the night.

Before I knew it, I was already curled up in the bed next to him. Not being able to sleep, I sat up trying to grab Denim's attention. "Are you awake?" I whispered.

I heard him groan. "I am now." He says flipping over onto his back. "Come here." Denim says pulls me on top to straddle him. "Changed your mind about your damn no sex rule?" He asks placing his hands on my waist. I felt his slowly reach up my shirt.

I shook my head. Moving his hands back down. "Earlier we discussed that we we're going to try and make things work between us and..." I paused for a moment. "...who's Kassandra?" I blurted out. Ouch, why did that hurt to say out loud?

Denim just looked at me and started laughing. "I'm not having this conversation with you."

"Denim I really do want to make things work between us, but I can't if you aren't going to be honest with me." I tell him.

"Kassandra is a friend, Brandy. She could never replace you." He says flipping me back on my back. Hovering over me, he leans down planting multiple kisses on my neck. "You, Princess, are my top priority." He says seductively.

"I'm still not going to sleep with you."

He chuckles. "How long are going to do this?"

"Till I'm sure that I trust you and that you won't me hurt anymore." I explained to him. I could tell Denim wasn't having anything I was telling him. "To be fair, I don't know how long that'll be."

He sighs again rolling off me. "Yes ma'am. Now go back to bed."

I laid there for majority of the night. Staring up at the ceiling. I kept wondering what she looked like. I know she's not just a friend to him. Though he wouldn't think twice to lie to me. It's just whatever will make me happy.

Slowly dosing off, I felt a warm arm themselves around me bringing me closer. My head rested, nozzling into him.

Denim's POV

I barely slept a wink laying next to Brandy. It was like she was trying fight off a damn demon. I kept looking at her innocent face, my thumb rubbed the side of her cheek. Is this even a good idea? Could I be the biggest threat to her?

I couldn't help, but wonder what she'd be up to if I never saw her that one night. How happy she could have been living a normal life? Or how lonely she might have been? Though I haven't said it enough, I do want Brandy to happy around me. I want her to trust me again.

I know have anger problems, but there is something about Brandy just running her mouth that enraged me even more. I never had a female treat me the way Brandy does. But it's not an excuse to hurt her, nearly killing her too.

I sat up getting out of the bed. Standing in front of the mirror, I placed hands on the edge of the counter, slightly leaning over it.

Fuck. This girl has my goddamn heart.

"I'm about to get fucking pussywhipped."

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