Chapter 36

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"No!" She shouts. "Make her get rid of it! She's a child! Brandy is not having a baby." I can hear Denim and his parents argue loudly about me being pregnant. "Denim She's A Child Having A Child!" Nancy shouts.

"That's my unborn child we are talking about! She's not getting a fucking abortion!" Denim exclaims. Storming over to me, Denim takes my hand and pulls me out of my chair. "You have everything? We're going home."

I just nod my head simply standing behind Denim. "Denim your mother is right. Brandy shouldn't have the baby."

I don't know what bothered me more, Alexander and Nancy deciding what I should do with my body or them talking about me like I am not in the room. I haven't said anything yet mainly because I don't even know if I should be going through with this.

"Maybe I'll just make her appointment for this Friday myself. You can watch Charlotte and Denim is working. So everything will work itself out perfectly." Nancy says turning to Alexander. She continues to talk spewing out different ideas to take me to an abortion clinic.

"Brandy go grab Charlotte and wait in the car." Denim says sternly.

"No!" Nancy exclaims. "Brandy needs to be a part of this conversation."

Denim laughs crossing his arms. "You only want her here so you can fill her head with nonsense about getting an abortion."

Alexander simply walks towards me with a slight smile. He places his hand on my upper arm. "Don't you think that you are a little too young for a baby? You're only 18."

"Almost 19. She's old enough for a baby." Denim says stepping in.

Nancy laughs. "Brandy please listen to us!" She begs. "You know that we only want what's best for you and having child is not." She says. Coming towards me, she takes both my hands in hers. Standing in the middle of Alexander and Nancy they both look at me with a smile.

Denim loosens his tie. "You're scaring her." He then growls slamming his fist on the table. "Leave her alone." Denim groans with an exhausting sigh.

Every time I opened my mouth to speak nothing came out. I didn't know what to say. I just kept shrugging my shoulders. "Maybe I should just go home with Denim and-"

"-No! You can spend the night here with us and Charlotte and then in the morning-"

"Goddamn It!" Denim shouts. Ripping me away from them, Denim slightly pushes in the direction to exit the dining room. "Stay The Fuck Away From My Wife!" Feeling his hand on the lower part of my back, Denim forces towards the front door.

He opens the door grabbing onto my hand. "Go wait in the car. I'm going to get Charlotte." Denim turns around to face an angry Alexander. He looks so much like Denim. "Get Away Out Of My Way!"

Alexander shakes his head. "Let Brandy spend the night with us and you can take Charlotte home with you. She just needs to have a clear mind and talk to actual adults. She's still a kid."

I'm not a child.

Letting my hand gently touch the back of his arm, Denim glances at me from behind his shoulder. "I don't mind spending the night. It would be nice to be with Charlotte." I smile.

Denim frowns snapping his head towards me. "Fuck No! Get Your Ass In The Damn Car!" He exclaims.


"-Brandy Fucking Listen For Once!" Denim turns to me just to shout at me.

Nodding my head, I simply turned and made my way towards the car. "I'm coming back to bring Charlotte home with me." Denim shouts.

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