Chapter Three

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Denim's POV

I sat around watching everyone else. The fights, arguments over the television. The guards really just stood around minding their own business until someone got hurt. Of course, I was never alone unless I needed to be. I got whatever I needed without someone else getting in the way.

I kept thinking about Brandy. I missed seeing her face and her smile when I walked through the door. It would irritate me everything time I thought about Declan having his hands on her. She was probably scared.

Funny enough, I never planned on getting out of prison anytime soon. Declan and his family had something to do with it since I never got a court date. When Malin showed up, it dawned on me that she really isn't like the others. More humble, very soft hearted, and if you ask me she is more than amazing underneath the clothes she wears.

"I'm sorry that we did this to you. We-I thought it be would be a good idea if Brandy wasn't anywhere near you." She had blurted out. "This was my idea, not anyone else's."

I nodded. I kept my eyes on her. Watching her every move to the bone. Rubbing my chin, I felt my beard starting to grow back. I hated it. "What about Brandy?" I said. I didn't care about anything else. I don't need some excuse.

Malin froze trying to find the correct words. "Declan is taking very good care of her. He's getting her started in school soon." She told me. "I enjoy having her around, but I can't see her cry anymore. It's painful because I'm not sure what to do."

I rolled my eyes. "You came here to tell me that? I better fucking things to do then hear about my baby is losing her shit." I snapped. Malin stayed quiet unsure to say. She kept opening her mouth to speak, but nothing ever came out. "Is Declan doing this to her?"

She shook her head. "No. In fact, he tries to calm her down. But she's hurting and as much as I hate to admit it...Brandy needs you back in her life. It's almost like she can't function without you."

That's when it hit me. Malin has a sense of guilt, a strong one. I don't want to stay here much longer, I was getting tired of this hellhole. Plus, I want Brandy back. "I'll take her off your hands on one condition." I had said to her.

"Like what?" She questioned. "No one needs to get hurt. Please. This is between you and I."

I laughed. "Come back in a couple days. And we'll talk some more. I have some...things I need to finish first."

"Denim wait-"

I got up hanging up the phone. The guard simply walked me back to my cell. I needed something...more like someone. I walked out of my cell over to the first guard I could see. "I need to make a phone call."

"Aren't you responsible for multiple murders and kidnapping an underage girl?" He said with a snarky remark. "Get back in your cell inmate."

I chuckled. "It's my daughter's birthday. I promised her." I lied. Charlotte is having the time of her life without me, she probably doesn't even remember me. Not that I give a shit or anything.

He rolled his eyes. "Come back in an hour." He said to me. "After lunch you'll have yard time. I'll sneak you back in."

Bastard. "I'll come for you." I said simply walking back to my cell.

Declan's POV

I watched Brandy mop around the house. She couldn't stop crying. I tried my hardest not to look her in the eyes. Why do I kinda feel like an asshole for lying to her?

I got myself out of bed and forced myself to Brandy's room. This is the first night she didn't wake me up crying and asking me to stay next to her. Slowly walking into the room, she glanced over at me. Her eyes puffy and red and her lips a bright.

I took a step back. For some reason she looked to vulnerable and too easy. "It's still pretty early. Why don't we go out and grab a quick bite." I say feeling a lump in my throat. "Would do you say?"

"I'm not that hungry." She says about to get back into bed. "Tomorrow...maybe." Brandy sniffles.

I rolled my eyes. I didn't say anything else to her. Closing the door, I found myself in the kitchen rummaging around for snacks. It wasn't much. Strawberries and wine. I hesitated knocking on her door again. My palms started to feel sweaty.

"Brandy." I called out. Within seconds, she opens the door.

"What's this?" She questions.

"Since you don't want to go out, I'm bringing us-"

Distracted by the smiling going across her face, I lost track of what I was going to say. Sitting down the strawberries, I poured two glasses of wine. My hands couldn't stop thinking.

"Denim would never let me drink." She tells me picking up the glass. "He would tell me that if I were to drink that I was disgusting."

"I don't see how anyone could ever tell you, someone who's very pretty, that they would be disgusting."

Brandy giggles. "You think I'm pretty?"

"Well of course. Have you seen yourself in the mirror?"

"I have. And all I see is someone who is a complete mess." She says. "But thank you. That means a lot."

Without a warning of any sort, I think her warm soft lips plant themselves on my cheek. "What was that for?"

"You being so nice to me and I'm sorry for what Denim did to you. It was my fault."

I brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. "It's alright."

Her eyes seems to glisten no matter how she's feeling. She's happy and I missed seeing her smile. It somehow made me feel...better.

Fuck it! I grabbed her face planting my lips on hers. I didn't care that the wine spilt all over the bed. Eventually on lips moved in sync as I started to remove her shirt. Her skin was so soft. Lips moved themselves down between her breasts. "...D-Declan." Brandy mumbles. 

I wanted her to be mine, all mine. The way she moaned in my ears made me go crazy. Every inch of her body deserved to be loved, instead of abusive and tortured by Denim. "Oh, fuck." I grunted. 

I laid next to her as she slept peacefully in my arms. Her naked body still drove me insane even though she still had distinctive marking from Denim's abusive manners. She looks so innocent, probably they way she used to be before her life took a dramatic turn. I planted a small kiss on her forehead before I got up. As much as I wanted to be the first thing she wakes up to, I rather wait just a bit. 

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