Chapter 8

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"Brandy open the damn door!" I hear Denim shout banging on the door. I crawled out of the bed opening the door frantically. "Don't be locking the fucking door."

"It's almost three in the morning." I say as he pushes his way into the room. He looks at me before he starts to go rumage through my stuff.

"Where is it?" He asks turning to me.

I crossed my arms. "Well what are you looking for?"

"Your phone."

"I don't have one. I left it at Declan's." I told him. As least I'm not lying this time.

"Cut the bullshit Brandy. Where's the damn phone?" He asks walking back over to me. This time he backs me up against the door. "WHERE IS IT!?" He yells slamming his fist on the door above my head.

I whimpered. "I told you that I don't have it." I say to him softly. "Just please move away from me."

"Move away from you? Are your forgetting that I still own you? Or did hit your head too damn hard?" He shouts.

I didn't say anything. "Why are you being so mean to me all of a sudden?" I exclaimed pushing him back. "What The Hell Did I Do To You? I Did Nothing But Love You Endlessly...and this is what I get back in return? After I cried myself to sleep for months hoping I'd come back to you. Everyone told me that I was crazy and I needed to stay away from you and I regret not listening to them." I said to him walking out of the room. "You Are Nothing But A Monster Denim Lockwood!" I shout as tears slowly rolled down my cheeks.


"-No! Just stay away from me!" I shouted at him again. I raced down the steps towards the front door.

"Brandy Come Back Here!" Denim shouts.

Barely getting the door opened, the door was shut again before I could step. "If you were to leave where would you go?" Julian pulls me back. "Go wait in the living room. I'll talk to Denim."

"I just want to leave." I cried wiping my eyes

Julian shakes his head. "You say that now. I thought you wanted to come back to Denim and live your so-called fantasy with?"

He's right I really did. "I do, but not when he's being such asshole to me. I didn't do anything to him."

"Brandy!" Denim shouts coming down the steps.

Julian turns around letting his back face me. "Denim just leave her alone for a bit." He says.

"I'm talking to my fucking fiancee, not you. So get the hell out of my face." Denim scolds him.

I bit my lip. "Julian. Stop. It's okay. I'll-I'll talk to him." I said tugging on the back of his shirt. He glances over at me.

"Are you crazy?" He questions.

"Yeah." I admit. "I guess I am because I still love Denim and-and always will." I say looking up at Denim.

Julian pulls me in closer to him. "If I hear one scream, I'm going to kill him. Okay?" Julian says kissing the top of my head.

"Upstairs...Now!" Denim says firmly grabbing my upper arm. Letting go my arm, I went straight to my room as Denim followed along behind me. Getting to my room, he closes and locks the door behind him.

"Don't lock it." I told him. "Please."

"Alright." He says unlocking it. "Instead of standing over there come to me."

I frowned. "I'm okay where I am."

Denim rolled his eyes. "Brandy I am not asking you. I'm telling you. So do yourself a favor and just fucking listen to me."

I scoffed. "You can't talk to me like that Denim. It's-it's rude and hurtful. Why would anyone want to listen to you when you speak to them like that? Hell. I barely listen to you."

Denim pushes himself off the wall walking over to me. Denim reaches to grab my hand, but I move my hand away before he could. "Don't do that." He says with frustration.

"I'm scared of you." I said.

Denim rolls his eyes. "You shouldn't have to be-"

"-I should be scared of you. You can't tell me not to. I do remember times where you would hit me."

Denim steps closer holding my face in both of his hands. He gently caressed the sides of my face with his thumb staring me down. He had no expression going across his face. "You think I wanted to hurt you?"

I looked down and then back up at him. "What?" I said shaking my head. "How-how could you say something like that?"

"Look. Brandy I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you anymore. I'm still going to get you a new ring, you can choose, I made you a promise to marry you."

I nearly fainted. Denim apologizing didn't seem real at all. "Denim-"

"Don't you want to get married Brandy? Where a nice dress, look pretty like you always do?" Denim questions with smile going across his face. "Come on Brandy. You know you'll get whatever you want from me. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like you are trying to bribe me." I said removing his hands from my face.

"Just want you to love me, Baby."

I paused for a minute. I frowned staring up at him. "When did I ever stop loving you?"

Denim leans in closer to plant his lips on mine. I stop him by placing my finger on his lips. "You are also forgetting that you are cheating on me with that girl you have sleeping in your bed right now."

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