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The Peace River Grove Series: Unexpected 💜 by kimmylouise_88
The Peace River Grove Series: Unex...by KimLouiseBooks
*NOT A FANFIC. STEPHEN IS USED FOR LOOKS ONLY. THIS IS NOT A STEPHEN FANFICTION* *ALSO NOT A MAFIA BOOK* He had it all. The looks. The tattoos. The attitude. The reputat...
BAHD COMPANY by frevchwiine
Elijah Godfrey is the designated neighbourhood bad boy...man? Tatted from below to above,always seen with his group of friends causing havoc or having wild parties by mi...
Desolation by unsmokeharry
Desolationby nait
"She was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close." ~ Terry Prachett -------- Noelle is kind but...
My Obsessive Husband  by stepxwolf
My Obsessive Husband by stepxwolf
Stephen James Story 'Tsk Tsk, I don't guarantee anything.' sent stephen to his little wife. 'You better not planning anything stephen.' His wife shouted form phone to h...
Why Me? by Kiehlee
Why Me?by k i e h l e e
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Dahlia  by Venturs84
Dahlia by Venturs84
A City girl who lives her life freely without a care in the world but some how her past gets caught up with her.
The one and only  by Venturs84
The one and only by Venturs84
Hi my name is Lila James I'm 37 Job Lover's Club Love interest the boss
Destiny  by Venturs84
Destiny by Venturs84
A beautiful girl none of this world , but her world had been shattered and destroyed , everything has been taken away from her . But she finds a tattooed man to help her...
Falling in Love with Fashion by VLasoce
Falling in Love with Fashionby VLasoce
Who are you?.......They always ask me this question in interviews. My brief answer to you is. My name is Alec Black the reason your falling in love with fashion and this...
Beautiful Lies[ON HOLD] by ChErRyOnToP777
Beautiful Lies[ON HOLD]by Maria Faraci
"You really thought that you could just steal all my money and run away ? What a fool you are . Hazel Murray I am going to destroy you". What if one day , the...
 Gain my Angel  by Venturs84
Gain my Angel by Venturs84
I had almost lost her , in the ER when doctors Came in told me she flatline 3 times but then a miracle happened and she woke up .
She  by Venturs84
She by Venturs84
#Whoiselijah #Romance #Action #Mafiaboss #Control
Beautiful Tragedies  by FloresLupef
Beautiful Tragedies by FloresLupef
Years ago I commented a crime in misted of helping out a friend but for over 14 years she's kept it over my head. Months and years pass by, I have a family that's tryin...
Trust issues  by Venturs84
Trust issues by Venturs84
They are both hurt by their past , will they eventually try a new relationship that's non of their kind ? They are both grocery shopping for healthy items when after the...
Lost Love gain  by Venturs84
Lost Love gain by Venturs84
Hi , I'm Gab I'm from Brooklyn NY , I'm 36 . I work at Split bar / lounge will I find the love I lost years ago or will I be single again
Shadows✔ by lala_land444
Shadows✔by Dintle Damane
After her mothers death Cara/Oceanio has no choice but to live and go to the city with her newly found father. But she is not the only one living the city He follows he...