Chapter 14

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Brandy's POV

Getting back to the house, I got out of the car before Denim did. I heard him laugh as I closed the door behind me. Barely making any eye contact with Julian, he follows me upstairs. "You alright Brandy?"

I nod my head turning around for a second. "Im fine. Just really tired."

Julian softly takes my hand. "Come downstairs for a bit after you get yourself ready. Okay?"

I smiled shortly. "Uh...sure." I said to him gently.

Julian nods his head before he turns and walks away. I walked down the hall to guest room, where parents were sleeping. Opening the door, the room was completely empty. It was like they were never there. I opened all the guest room doors, but each one was empty.

I frowned. Quickly throwing on a pair of shorts and t-shirt, I went downstairs to the living room. Julian places his beer on the coffee table, motioning for me to come sit by him. "Come sit." He says.

Sitting next to him, he hands me a beer. "Oh, I...I don't drink."

He chuckles. "You are missing out young lady."

"Do you know where my parents are?" I asked him. "They aren't upstairs."

Putting his arm around me, he gently pulls me in closer to him. "Not sure. They weren't around when I got here."


I found myself curled up next to Julian watching some movie. It wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be, so I ended up resting my head on Julian's shoulder until I fell asleep.


"Wake up."

"Wake the hell up."

My eyes fluttered open coming face to face with Denim. I sat up right before he dragged me out of the bed. "What-what's going on? It's late."

"Put your fucking clothes on."

The alcohol coming off his breath, indicated how drunk he was. Grabbing a sweater, he pulled me down the steps. Stumbling over my feet, Denim forced me to put on my shoes and shoves me against the car. "Denim. You're drunk."


Shaking underneath his grip, I simply nodded my head trying to keep myself from crying. "Okay."

Denim lets go of me, taking a step back. "We are leaving. In the goddamn car now."

I hesitated to get into the car. Denim barely held up his own body without almost falling over. "Denim...Denim maybe-maybe we should just go back inside." I suggested. "Come on. Please."

Denim whips back around to me. He places his hands on both sides of my face. "...fuck. You are so gorgeous." He whispers. "So Get In The Fucking Car!"

Trembling getting into the car, Denim gets in on the other side. Starting the car, Denim stepped on the gas, sending is forward into the car in front of us. My head hit the dashboard. "Ow." I muttered.

"Shit!" He exclaims. Denim gets out of the car, pulling open the door, he drags me out. "Look at the mess that you created Brandy. LOOK AT THE FUCKING MESS!"

I sighed leaning against the car. "Denim. Denim. I'm hurt."

He looks at me with anger in his eyes. His face drops for a minute before grabbing my throat. "You have all this money Brandy and I want it. Where The Hell Is It?" He says lowly.

Trying to force his hand off me, he tosses me to the ground. "What money?" I groaned.

Kneeling down beside me, he grabs a chunk of my hair, pulling my head back. "Your fucking inheritance."

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