In Love With The Bad Boy  by DorkQueen667
In Love With The Bad Boy by Aaiyana🤓🖤
Meet Abby. Fun, innocent, and naive. She's a good girl. Never drank, never stayed out past her curfew, never once touched a motorcycle. But when she meets a certain bad...
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Insane by psychosis-ter
Insaneby Psychosis-ter
And you thought 'Crazy' was weird...Welcome to Insane IM BAD AF AT DESCRIPTIONS! Description~ Amber Willams is known as the new crazy bitch at Northbridge High School...
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in love with my tattooed cousin/ Stephen James  by ayanabdullahiali
in love with my tattooed cousin/ ayanabdullahiali
being in love with your cousin who lives in the same house, thats just wow. but when things get hard for Penelope the 17 year old, she might realize he will never notice...
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His Possesion by StarCrossed81
His Possesionby StarCrossed81
Taylor Andrews didn't know about her brother's lifestyle of drugs and gangs untill she moved back home. Trying to find herself again she begins doing and trying new thi...
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Always His (Storms Book 1) by StraightOutRebel
Always His (Storms Book 1)by Chloe
Adrianna knew her first heartbreak at the age of eight- when Ash, her only friend moved away. Adrianna thought he was just a memory until her sister persuades her to go...
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When Miguel Saldavar accidentally sells his sister- Emily Saldavar- to one of the most fiercest gang leaders in America. Emilio Flores. Feared by most, by most I mean E...
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King's Queen by brooklyn_parks
King's Queenby ✞B.P.♥️
"It's late. You should go home." He says. I totally forgot. It's a school night. Running my hand through my hair I check the time on my phone. I nod my head...
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His Secret by flowerex
His Secretby flowerex
He's mean. He's ruthless. He's cold-hearted He's dominate. He is Ace Orlando. The mafia leader, the owner of the most popular club in Rossa. But what does he hide? She's...
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ISABELLA The Forgotten One by Dark_thots
ISABELLA The Forgotten Oneby 🇯🇲♌🇺🇸
Cover by @sgsd3D She's a girl obsessed with the idea of death and anything dark. He's a guy, that just screams darkness. He has a secret, she wasn't supposed to see. ☆☆☆...
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Miss Queen  by lanalaurence
Miss Queen by lana laurence
"What can i help you with sir " i said before lifting my head .. and there he was silver eyes and all We both looked at each other with shocked expressions o...
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I'm Such A Bad Girl "EDITING"by TeaAddict
You know for a thief you have a nice ass he said. Why thank you I said sarcastically. Then I felt a hard smack on my ass your welcome he whisper in my ear Zoe Zoe Zoe wh...
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Seulement Pour Lui by vmdwrites
Seulement Pour Luiby Venus🕊
Seulement pour lui = only for him. He just stared at me. I felt hot at his gaze and couldn't help but look him straight in the grey eyes of his. We stared for god know...
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Why Me? by Kiehlee
Why Me?by k i e h l e e
New Notification @whoiselijah like you photo @whoiselijah like you photo @whoiselijah mentioned you in a comment: ☺️☺️your something special
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His Queen(BWWM) by Malik_Wifey
His Queen(BWWM)by EST 19XX
Maya Carson, personal assistant to a well known business tycoon, is a loner who wants to finally start to live life. She wants to meet new people, build relationships...
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Forced to Be His Princess (Stephen James) by yepthaaatsme
Forced to Be His Princess ( a mess
In which a girl named Apollo Nova is selected to be marry Prince Stephen, Prince of Velder.
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Birds of Feather by __feathers
Birds of Featherby c.g.
birds of feather flock together • [old saying] "people who have similar characters or interests, especially ones of which you disapprove, and who often spend time...
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Always The Mafia's Queen (TMQ Sequel) by DabbQveen26
Always The Mafia's Queen (TMQ KJ
The Mafia's Queen Sequel ~your going to be confused if you haven't read the first book.~ Nariah is back and better with her and Valerio's kids. She haven't really spoken...
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Loving Jason by MissRosa01
Loving Jasonby blxck poison
"She was the little light in my life when everything else was clouded with darkness." ~*~ "Move." I whispered. "And what if I don't want to?&qu...
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The Queen of the End |Selenator1DMoustache by Selenator1DMoustache
The Queen of the End | Camila Gonzalez
TERCERA PARTE DEL LIBRO "CAMILLE". El principio del fin ha comenzado. Finalmente llegó el momento esperado, aquél en el que los experimentos y los humanos no...
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