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Lethal Obsession by PatrickStarMind
Lethal Obsessionby Jelena Vasic
"...many spirituals recognize that when dark one appears he is most beautiful, most wonderful and most engaging. The truth only comes out later..." Tara. Uni...
Billionaires Assistant/ Stephen James  by PizzaEqualsBae
Billionaires Assistant/ Stephen PizzaEqualsBae
Kimberly Diamond is new to LA and she's looking for a job when she's offered to work with Stephen James one of the worlds billionaires. She quickly accepts. What she d...
A black queen  (REWRITING) by Hinatahoe
A black queen (REWRITING)by Rocky Blue
Blake has always been the black sheep of the family and her brother bullied her for it but one day she had enough so she decided to run away and live with here aunt. fas...
A Man For Mommy #Wattys2018 by OneFnger_2wrds
A Man For Mommy #Wattys2018by Avii
Twenty-five year old Destiny Jameson lives alone with her six year old daughter Elizabeth after the man she thought loved her left after she broke the news to him that s...
[1] The Nanny; prequel to The Wife by BriFlare
[1] The Nanny; prequel to The Wifeby -BriFlare
BOOK ONE | When she appears on the doorstep of wealthy single father Maddox Maxwell's New York home, the stripper "Cardi B" (Cardi Almánzar) unexpectedly gets...
His by nutellar0se
Hisby nutellar0se
Jaida was twenty almost twenty one when she was raped and she hasn't been the same since. Since it has happened, she has tried to forget and wanted to move on but that d...
His Possession by jgbugmiddle12
His Possessionby jgbugmiddle12
Alexandria Martinez - Hernandez is 18 years old with MPD or Multiple personality disorder and lives with her abusive /druggie/alcoholic father. She has lived in LA, Ca...
Be The Last by siennaroselee
Be The Lastby Sienna Rose Lee
Skylar Rain's life is traumatized by her one, critical problem: She loves too easily. Skylar spent her high school years falling head over heals for more boys that she c...
Blooming Iris | ✓ by iiLoveydoveii
Blooming Iris | ✓by A N G E L
WARNING!!! This was one of my first books on Wattpad so please spare me. I know it isn't high-quality reading as it was very rushed so don't be triggered when we jump fr...
Elijah's by --Perfection--
Elijah'sby Lacie
"Vincenzo-" "It's master for you little one" Victoria Santily has heard the stories of the famous Elijah Vincenzo, but has never expected herself to...
For Saving Me- Rewritten by kellyxSuzanne
For Saving Me- Rewrittenby Kellysuzanne
"Take off the hoodie!" "No Jaycee! Just leave me alone!" "Tatum take it off now. He demanded She groaned and shrugged off the hoodie, Jaycee g...
Mafia's Love by whiteroseeighteen
Mafia's Loveby white.rose.eighteen
Ellie, a simple girl who wants a simple life till she got cheated by her own fiance, James. One night she went out with her best friend Holly in hopes to forget about h...
Little Tendencies by littlebaby_05
Little Tendenciesby Kittyalley
"Ka-" Jay was cut off by a smack on her butt. Tears threatened to spill at the impact but she held it in. "If you want another one, call me anything else...
Hunted by the Gangleader  by Trouble_alex
Hunted by the Gangleader by Alex
Erica Carter is a assassin, but she goes by the name Killer Frost. She kills and doesn't feel anything. She has a past no one knows. Is she really as people say she is...
Miss Queen  by lanalaurence
Miss Queen by 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐚 𝐋.
"What can i help you with sir " i said before lifting my head .. and there he was silver eyes and all We both looked at each other with shocked expressions o...
 Stolen moments   by amourpierce
Stolen moments by Olotu Tomiwa Faith
Betrayed by a friend,life made a living hell by an ex-lover,follow Leah as she fights for her life,love and her discoveries of lies and deceit,is Hunter and Leah meant t...
All Of These Sins (Completed) by Boldandfeisty
All Of These Sins (Completed)by 🔥 A I N S L E Y🔥
Rowan Evans is 17 years old, she lives with her mother and 3 siblings. Rowan has hidden the fact that she was bullied physically, she got into fights, and also the fact...
Vladimir's Girl by Athena1880
Vladimir's Girlby Virginie Rougeot
Vladimir Egochenkov, is the most feared Russian gangleader on the world globe. He is only 27 and he owns most of the police department and New York itself. When Rosali...
SUGAR -Stephen James by lone_noodle
SUGAR -Stephen Jamesby lone_noodle
He never spoke. I've never heard his voice, ever. But...he was so kind to me. He bought me as property, and was so kind...despite his bloody reputation, he never was mea...
The Russian's Baby by phantomgirl3
The Russian's Babyby ❤️Sabrina❤️
Juliette Sofia Preston, a sweet 17 year old that ends up drunk on her class trip to Russia. What had happened that night was a blur all she could remember was a man that...