Chapter 32

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He loves me. He loves me not. He love me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not.

The next morning I forced myself to get ready. I forced myself to be brave. I'm going to regret this, aren't I? But she's pregnant. Too far along to do anything about it. There isn't anything I can do or say to make the situation any different. It's not my baby. It's not like I'm going have children anytime soon. I don't know what she might be feeling. Maybe she just wants him to be a part of his unborn child's life.

I stood against the wall listening to them argue. Argue about Kassandra. Argue about me. Argue that Denim doesn't know how to keep it in his pants. Well that doesn't need to be an argument. It's known.

"Julian go find Brandy and talk to her. She'll listen to you." I hear Denim start to order everyone around. "Nancy you go with him and make sure that he doesn't screw things up."

"Denim you can't force Brandy to speak you when she just found that you knocked some other girl up the day before your fucking wedding." Alexander says sternly.

The room fills with everyone's voices talking over one another.

Then I heard her voice. Only her voice. Bitch. "I could always go to talk to her." Kassandra suggests like an idiot.

Like it was planned everyone basically screamed no. "No!"

I soon my found myself, walking with Charlotte, towards the semi-closed door. Slowly pushing the door opened, Charlotte lets go of my and runs towards Nancy. "Morning." I say softly.

Denim turns around and looks at me for a split second before rushing over to me. "Brandy. Hi." He says cupping my face. "How are you?"

I removed his hands from touching my face. I nodding my head, I took a tiny step back. "I'm okay." I tried to smile. "I just wanted to bring Charlotte down. She wanted to see everyone."

Denim looks back for a second watching his daughter being throw up into the air by Julian. "Be careful with her!" Denim shouts.

I cleared my throat seeing Kassandra starting to make her way towards us. "Can I talk to you for a second?" I asked taking Denim's hand. Kassandra stands beside Denim holding her belly. "Alone?"

Kassandra frowns. "But-"

"-not now Kassandra." Denim says snapping his head over to her. His voice had lowered.

"Oh. Alright."

Denim nods. He places his hand on my lowering guiding me out of the room. We stood in the hall just looking at one another without saying anything for a few minutes.

"How long did you know that she, uh, was carrying your baby?" I asked him. I almost don't want to know. I shouldn't have asked. I shook my head feeling tears fill in my eyes. "Actually. Don't answer that. Please. I changed my mind. I really don't want to know."

Denim pulls me in closer. His lips touch my neck and his hands roamed butt. "I'm sorry Princess. I'm so sorry. She-Kassandra is just doing this just to get back at me. She's doing this on purpose." He says leaving a trail of kisses up to my lips. I placed my hands on his chest.

"Please don't kiss me." I say quietly lowering my head. "It doesn't change the fact that she's still pregnant. It doesn't change that she will always be in your life no matter what. If I marry you...she'll still be in my life too."

"Kassandra won't be problem. I'm going to make sure that she doesn't bother us anymore. I promise Brandy."

"How? You're going to push her away. What about your unborn child?" I asked crossing my arms. Tears slowly fell from my eyes. "Denim I may not like Kassandra, but I can't let you push her away entirely. That kid is going to grow up one day and wonder who their father is."

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