Chapter 26

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About five in the morning, my phone kept ringing. I kept declining the call. Brandy was starting to react to it. Fussing around and tossing all over the damn bed. I rolled my eyes as I got up to finally answer the call. I stepped away into the living room area.

"Do you know how early it is?" I growled.

"...Open the door. I came to surprise you." She says happily.

"Wait there." I said to her right before I tossed my phone across the room. "Got to be fucking kidding me." I muttered to myself.

I walked out into the hallway just to see Kassandra eagerly waiting for me against the wall. She smiles walking over to me. She touches my bare chest with both of her hands. "Kassy-"

Kassandra jumps into my arms. Her legs around my torso and her arms draped around my neck. I couldn't help, but grab a sniff her sweet perfume. "I missed you, baby." She whispers planting a kiss on my lips.

This can't be fucking happening. I looked back for a minute just to make sure that Brandy hasn't gotten up. "Where's your room?" I asked her gently placing her down.

She frowns. "I don't have one. I thought we would just share one."

"Kassandra." I said taking her hand. "Please just go get another room. Give me a couple of hours and we can talk, alright? Before noon."

She paused. Not saying another word. "What the fuck is going on Denim? I thought you would like it if I were to surprise you. You always do. Especially when I show up in your favourite know the purple one...with the white bows." By this point, her shirt was undone exposing the purple bra with the white bows.

I felt her hands travel all over my stomach gently tugging at the rim of my shorts.

I grabbed her hips pinning her against the wall. I leaned down closer to her ear. "Go get your own room and I'll call you in a few hours."

Taking a step back, she grabs her only bag. "...yeah. I'll see you in a few hours." She says turning around.

I got back into the room. Waiting till the door shut behind, I punched the wall nearly placing a hole in it. "Fuck!" I shouted.

I heard Brandy call out for me after I shouted. "Denim? Is that you?" She said.

"Brandy go back bed. It's fine."

She walks over to me barely keeping her eyes open. "Why'd you shout?" She yawns.

Placing my hands on her waist, I walked back with her to the bedroom. She turns letting her rest on my chest. "Aren't you coming back to bed?"

"In a minute." I said to her.

I grabbed her face planting a soft kiss on her lips. "Get some more sleep baby." I told her. Brandy gets back into bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

A few hours had went by and I couldn't get back to bed. I was filled with raged. I ended up hotel gym by myself for a bit. With Kassandra showing up, it ruined the plan I had for Brandy and I. If Brandy ever runs into Kassandra and figures out who she is, I think it'll hurt her more that I lied after saying that I wasn't going to hurt her anymore.

I needed to be alone with my thoughts. Think things through. It was peaceful and relaxing till I felt small hands touch my arm. "Good morning Brandy." I said turning to her. Standing in front of me, I pulled her in closer. I sat on the bench with my hands on her hips. "How did you find me?" I asked her.

I was already fiddling around with the buttons on her jeans. She chuckled trying to stop me. "It wasn't that hard. I asked around if anyone saw a really scary guy walking around." She teases.

"Mmm, is that so?" I say softly.

"Denim." Brandy says grabbing my hand. "Someone could walk in." She whispers.

I shrugged. "Let them. They watch how beautiful you are naked and moaning my name." I say pulling her down on top of me. "The way you have been making me wait to fuck the shit out of you...I'll be quick."

She smiles pushing herself up to fix her pants. "I'm serious. I'm not going to have sex with you."

I stood up. Cupping her face, I brought our lips together. Letting them move in sync. She tastes sweet like candy. Moving down to her neck, I started to leave a trail of kisses all over her neck.

"Brandy I need to finish up here. Why don't you go back up to the room and order something to eat? I'll meet you up there." I say to her.

"Hurry up though. You promised to take me somewhere at noon." She mentions.

"Of course." I said pulling her in one last time for a kiss. This time I made sure that I grabbed every inch her body. Her breasts, her ass. Right before I let her go, smacked her ass.

"Denim!" She shrieks looking back at me.

I laughed.

Not long afterwards, I made my way back up to the room, I found Kassandra waiting outside of the door. "Hey." She says. "Just wanted to say that I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't realize how much of an inconvenience I was."

"Kassandra. It's fine. But you have to go before Br-."

I stopped myself from saying her name. She smiles coming closer to me. "Why don't we have some fun together? I really did miss you." Reaching over, Kassandra rubs her hand over my pants.

"I don't have time." I tell her brushing her curly hair out of her face.

She rolls her eyes. "Come on Denim. Just a few minutes. I haven't seen you in a month." Kassandra pleads. Placing her arms around my neck, she pulled me closer leaving kisses all over my neck. "I'm not wearing any underwear." She whispers.

I raised an eyebrow. "Come back tonight. After 12." I tell her. "And wear my favourite lingerie."

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