Chapter 35

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"So Denim I was thinking that you come with me to my next appointment and we can find out the gender and-"

"-Kass that's not going to happen." Denim tells me. Getting up from his desk, he walks out of the room as I follow along behind him. "I'll just get you something for the baby."

I scoffed. "Our baby."

Looking at me from over his shoulder, he smiles shaking his head. "How do I know that your aren't lying to me? I mean that could be another guy's bastard since you don't know how to keep you legs shut."

"Stop Saying That!"

Denim whips around to face. Fixing the collar on his jacket, he stares down at me. "Kassandra..." He grabs my jaw. "...don't fucking raise your voice at me." Letting go of me, he just grabs his keys about to head out of the house.

"You Don't Treat Brandy Like This!" I yelled at him.

Denim walks around all day treating her like she's the queen or something. Just giving her whatever she wants while he just walks past me ignoring everything that I say to him. When I do get his attention, he says nothing, but insults. And teases claiming that our isn't his.

"She learned her lesson a long time ago."

I crossed my arms. "The way she talks to me it's clear that she hasn't!"

Denim laughs. "Kassandra?"


"Shut up."

Denim walks out of the house without saying another word to me.

Turning around, Brandy comes walking down the steps with Charlotte next to her. "Were you the one who taught her to call me by my first name?"

I shrugged. "Nope." I grinned. "Even if I did, which I didn't, she's right though. You aren't her mother and never will be."

Brandy frowns reaching the last step. She gently guides Charlotte towards the kitchen, before turning her attention towards me. "I-I am her mother."

"Then why isn't she calling you mommy?" I say pretending to pout.

I started to see the tears fill in her eyes. "I don't understand why you are doing this."

I shrugged. "Because I can and I like see you miserable."

I walked into the living room sitting back into the couch. Brandy slowly walks in after me. "Kassandra...I think it's time that you leave the house and...and just move into back into the penthouse."

Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. "Mmm...No!"

Brandy opened her mouth, but nothing came out. "Please?"

"Brandy I said no. It's not going to happen. I'm going to have this baby with Denim and you can watch your so-called marriage fall apart from the side." I tell her.

"You are a very, very evil person Kassandra." She tells me leaning against the wall.

"I think pregnancy makes you emotional." I tease as I gently rubbed my stomach.

"I'm Not Pregnant And Why Would You Tell Denim That I Am?" Brandy exclaims slowly coming off of the wall.

I sit up straight. "Because I Found The Test That You Poorly Tried To Hide! It Was Positive! Just accept that you got yourself pregnant in order to spite me."

Brandy shakes her head. "Kassandra, I would never do that." She says frowning. "Why would I get myself pregnant, at 18 just to spite you? Are you that delusional?"

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