Chapter 12

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"Denim I'm sorry." I said as I follow him into his bedroom. "I didn't know what else to do."

He turns around grabbing my throat. I tried to pry his hand away, but he threw me back on the bed. Barely getting on top of me, he pins down my wrists right above my head. "I don't give a damn about your apology. You made a mistake NOW YOU FIX IT!" He yells in my face before he crawls off me.

I sat up onto my elbows staring at his bare back. The devil face tattooed on his back seemed to resemble what he looks like when he's more than furious with me. "I'm sleeping in the other room tonight, Denim. I'll come back when you stop acting like a bully." I say walking towards the door. I walked down the hall stopping in front of room my parents are staying in. It was late, so they were sound asleep. Looking back, Denim just shut the door behind me.

Quietly, I walked into the room and crawled into the little space they had between them. I must have woken on my mom since she pulled me closer and wrapped her arms around me.

I fell asleep within minutes. It felt like a weight was just lifted off my shoulders and it was now easier to relax.

Glistening sun shined through the curtains hitting my face. I rolled over to see that I'm alone in the bed. I frowned, questioning where my parents had went. Getting out of the bed, I trudged out of the room and cautiously entered Denim's room. It was still pretty early, so I assumed he's sleeping.

Quietly, I walked across the room to the bathroom and gently shut the door behind me. I let my clothes fall to my ankles as I stepped into the steaming shower. I closed my eyes allowing the hot water run down my naked body.

"Who should I call to tell you that I want to see you naked in my bed every morning?"

I groaned opening my eyes. "Denim. Close the door. I'm naked." I told him trying to cover my body. He rolls his eyes licking his lips. He reaches in, moving my arms to my sides. "Stop it. I'm not in the mood to do this with you." I said to him as I tried to to reach for my towel.

Denim pushes me back into the shower as he steps in, letting his towel fall to the ground. "Brandy open your mouth again." He says running his hands up and down my body.

"Or what?" I said retaliating back.

Denim smiles back at me as his hand slowly reaches up to tighten his grip around my neck. Trying to remove his hand, his grip only seemed to get tighter. "Stop making things harder yourself." He says slowly releasing my neck from his grip. I stumbled back attempting to breath again.

"Wh-why?" I managed to choke out.

Denim grabs the back of my head, holding a chunk of my hair. Tears started fill in my eyes. "Get on your knees." He growls.

I shook my head. "No. No. Please." I sobbed. Denim pushes me down till my knees hit the wet the tile flooring. I stared up at him with sobbing and shaking my head. "Don't make me do this...please Denim. I'm sorry!" I said.

He laughs lightly rolling his eyes. "Stop talking." He says lowly. "Put it in your mouth before I force you."

I trembled trying my hardest not to please him. Denim brushes a piece of my hair behind my ear. "You really can't listen, can you?"

I didn't say anything. Grabbing the back of my hair, Denim forces his erection in my mouth, pushing my head down as far as it could. "Easy with the teeth." He muttered.

I held his penis in my hand barely doing anything. I couldn't stop as much as I would like to. Quicker I let Denim finish, I quicker I could leave. Preferably to bleach my mouth.


Holding my head down, a warm fluid-like substance, hit the back of my throat. Denim pulls me back up to wipe the sides of my mouth. "Now how fun was that?" He teases. "I'm thinking next time I should cum inside you. Hmm, Princess?"

"Let me go." I said to him quietly.

"We need to go out for a few hours. Get ready. We are leaving in twenty minutes." Denim says to me. He spins me around, so I'm pressed against the glass. Denim grabs my butt, before gently kissing behind my neck. "Or should we have some wet, steamy sex?" I looked back at him trying to push myself back. He pushes me back down.

"I'll go get ready." I said.

Denim smiles smacking my butt before he pushes me out of the shower. "Pick something nice to wear."

I nod my head looking back at him. "Alright."

Denim's POV

"Brandy please come home with us. You aren't safe here. You're like a prisoner that's being forced to have sex with a tattooed monster." I chuckled lightly.

"Mom, it's not that easy. If I leave Denim, we both know that Denim will just come looking for me. And when he finds me, which he will, he'll hurt you guys." Brandy tells me. "I don't want to talk about this anymore. Please. Denim is-"

"Denim is taking Brandy out for a few hours." I said finally turning around the corner. I wrapped my arm around her waist gently kissing the side of her head. "Did you tell them how good my dick tasted in your mouth or shall I?"

Brandy scoffs pushing me back. "Why would you say that? My parents are still here."

"You Are Defiling My Daughter! She's A Kid!" Eric exclaims.

I step closer to him. "Raise your voice again and I promise you that I will make your beautiful wife and daughter, watch you bleed to death. Do I make myself clear?"

Iris tries to pull back her bitch of husband. "Brandy make him stop." She begs.

Brandy grabs onto my hand. "Let's just go Denim. Okay? Come on."

"Why? I could fuck you on this table and let them watch." I said running my hand up her shirt. "Let them see you cum all over my hard, wet dick."

"Quit it Denim!" Brandy says slightly raising her voice.

I laughed seeing the disgust and fear in their eyes. "Go start the car." I said handing Brandy my car keys. She takes it from my hand and quickly storms out of the room.

"By the time I come back, I better not see either of your here." I told them.

"Denim please. She's our only child." Iris pleads. "At least let her come home for a week or maybe a few weeks."

"You still look fertile have another one. Hell! Make some twins." I said to her.

I made my way outside to the car. Brandy stared out the window, bringing her attention to me once I opened the door. "Why would you do that Denim?" She asks. "They already think that you are some evil, vile person. You shouldn't have made things worse for yourself."

I took Brandy's hand and brought it to my lips. "I thought we could look at some venues-"


"Our wedding Brandy. It's still happening even though you may hate me." I smile over at her.

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