Chapter 39

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Nothing happened between Claudia and me. She may not care, because she's crazy, but I do. I've fucked up with Brandy before. I told myself I can't do it again. "Denim-"

I had grabbed her jaw, keeping her from speaking. "Shut up and leave," I growled. "Nothing happened between us and nothing ever will happen. I may not like anything about you, but my wife is happy. I like seeing her happy. And you with your little fucked up games will not hurt her. You got that?"

Nodding her head, I pushed her back. Scrambling as she rushed towards the door, she turns back for a second. "You are seriously pussy whipped." Claudia groans.

If Brandy didn't like her so much, I wouldn't think twice about putting a gun to her head. Fixing my shorts, Brandy comes walking out of the bathroom.

I licked my bottom motioning for her to come to me. She smiles climbing onto the bed next to me. Planting a kiss on my lips, I pull her in a little longer. I let my hands run underneath her shirt.

Brandy gasps. "Denim we can't have sex tonight."

I shook my head. "Yes, we can. Just get naked." I tell her. Bringing her onto my lap, I quickly removed her top. "Mhm. You're so fucking beautiful." I bit my lip. My hands cup her breasts. "I can be quick if you let me." I tease.

"Denim!" She exclaims. Her cheeks slightly turned pink. "What are you doing?" Brandy glances over her shoulder checking to make sure the door doesn't open. "Claudia could hear us."

I shrugged. "Let her." Whispering into her ear, I flipped her over onto her back. She squirms underneath as I attempt to remove her underwear. I leave kisses on both her inner thighs.

"Denim I said we can't have sex tonight." Brandy laughs sitting up. Covering her chest with her arm, she reaches across the bed to grab her shirt. As I roll over onto my back, she leans over with a smile. "Claudia and I-"

"-just go Brandy."

"You hate her? Why?" She questions crawling back onto the bed.

Getting off the bed, I walked across the room to the closet. Throwing on a pair of black jeans and a t-shirt, I turned around to face Brandy glaring up at me. "It doesn't matter," I swear this girl's eyes could kill. So soft and kind, but so cold when she's mad. Caressing her face, I smiled. "Just trust me."

"Is there something going on between the both of you?" Brandy takes a step back crossing her arms. "Or did something already happen? Claudia does talk about you like she's known you-"

"-Brandy let it go."

Watching me put on my shoes, she stands in front of the bedroom door. "Denim talk to me. Please. I-I just want to know."

I shook my head. "No."

Her face drops. "...please Denim? We just-we just...Denim just please tell me what's going on?" She begs. Keeping her hands on my chest, she looks up at me.

"You're standing in my way."

"We're talking. You can't just walk away."

I laugh lowly. "Brandy I am only going to tell you once. Get out of my way."

"I will as soon as you tell me what's going with you and Claudia." Brandy insists.

"Fine," I tell her. "Don't move."

Bending slightly to pick her up, I throw her over my shoulder. Carrying her to the bed, I gently place her down. "I Said, Drop It, Brandy!" I shout. Letting go of her wrists, she quickly took the opportunity, of slapping me across the face.


Pinning her arms above her head with one hand, I used the other to cover her mouth. "What the hell is your problem? Huh! Why Can't You Just Let Things Go?"

Pushing myself off her, I rub the side of my face. I watched her roll over onto the ground as she quietly sobs before standing up. "Get out." Brandy whimpers leaning against the wall.

I laughed. "Let me know when you fixed that fucking attitude! I'm Not Dealing With A Damn Child!"

Brandy's POV

He slams the door behind him. The room shakes. Leaning against the wall, I slide covering my mouth as tears spilled out of my eyes. Hearing his car peel out of the driveway and speed off. My heart raced. He's mad at me again. I should have just minded my own business and listened to him.

"Brandy? Is everything okay?" Claudia comes rushing into the room. Kneeling beside me, she takes my hand in hers. "What the hell happened? I hear you guys shouting then doors start slamming-"

"Please tell me what's going between you and Denim?" I turn to her. Running my hand through my hair, I closed my eyes praying she would tell me the truth, but also hoping that she would lie so I don't have to hear the truth. Claudia just looks at me. "...I know there's something. I-I just want to know. Please, Claudia."

"Brandy. You're upset right now. Why don't you just get some rest and in the morning we can talk?"

I laugh shortly. "Just tell me if you've slept with my husband!" I exclaim.

She takes a step back. " was a long time ago Brandy. High school. And then things got a little complicated between us." Claudia explains. Clearing her throat, she stands up with me. "Brandy I'm sorry I never told you this before, but Denim paid me not-"

She pauses. "Um, never mind. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Brandy."

"He paid you?"

"No. No. He-"

"Don't fucking lie to me." I snap. "What did he pay you for?"

Claudia shakes her head. Taking a step back, she looks over her shoulder. "Maybe I should just go home. I can stop by in-in the morning and we can talk. You're a little on edge right now. Okay?"

"Just leave Claudia."

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