Chapter 38

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"So you're going out again?" Denim asks me as I come to join him in his office. I shut the door behind me. "I don't know if I'm happy that you are going out with other people or if I'm jealous." He smiles. Denim pulls me down to sit on his lap. He places his hand on my upper thigh slowly moving his hand up my skirt.

I giggled. "Denim. Someone could walk in. Plus I'm leaving soon."

He shrugs. "I don't care." Denim picks me up and places me on his desk. His lips touch my neck.

Trying my hardest not to give in, I attempted to slip off the desk. "I'm serious about someone walking," I tell him as I move his hand away from unclipping my bra. "You have people walking in and out of here all day."

"Let them watch. Maybe we can get a little wild and create sex tape." Denim teases. He wraps both his arms around me to plant multiple kisses on my cheek and lips.


Denim looks up. "What? I'm a little busy."

"Some girl is asking Mrs.Lockwood."

I hate how not I'm seen as a person. No one physically talks to me. They all go to Denim and only refer to me as his wife. I frowned. "'s Claudia."

Denim growls. "I told you that I don't trust her. I don't want you hanging out with her. Why can't you find someone else who isn't...her."

Denim holds grudge against Claudia even though he's the one who forced us to hang out and become friends. I have to admit that it does feel nice to be around another female and someone who wants to spend time with me.

"Denim I like spending time with her. She's so nice and..."

Denim gently pushes me away from him. "Sit down. You aren't going anywhere with that whore!" He scolds sternly. Denim makes his way out the door. "I'm telling her to go home."

"What?" I mutter. "You can't do that. Denim you can't tell me what to do!"

He whips around. "Yes, I Can! Now Shut Your Mouth And Sit Down!"

"No!" I exclaim.

Denim walks out of the room after he pushes me back onto the chair. Getting back up, I was about to go after him when I was held back by one of his people. "Hey! Let Me Go!"

"Sorry. Can't do that." He tells me bluntly.

Later that night...

"Denim you were so mean to her," I said walking into the kitchen. "Claudia hasn't done anything wrong. She's my friend."

Denim rolls his eyes. "I don't want to hear it. Just bring your ass here."

Walking over to him, Denim quickly grabs my jaw gently. "I'm not kidding Brandy. She's not good for you. Please...just listen to me. Okay?" He says whispering. "And why the hell did you bring her here? I thought I made it clear that I don't fucking like her."

I scoff. "You couldn't have said that without grabbing onto my jaw?" I question pushing his hand away. "She's spending the night since we didn't get a chance to go out. Like a sleepover."

Denim leans against the kitchen counter. He crosses his arms. "You made the air mattress up and everything?"

"No." I shook my head. "I made the guest room up for her."

Denim scoffs. "Of course you did."

I place my hand on his arm. "You know that I still love you. Why don't you trust me-"

"-I do trust you. I don't trust her."

I brush my hair behind my ears. "But I'm happy. I really do enjoy spending time with her."

Denim leans in closer. "Fine. But I told you. Just be careful, okay?" He kisses my forehead as he holds onto my waist.

I smile happily. Going up on my tippy toes, I planted a soft kiss on his lips. "Thank you."

Denim just groans. As he walks out of the kitchen, he gently slaps my butt.


"Hey, handsome." Glancing up for a quick second, Claudia crawls onto the bed next to me.

I raised my eyebrow. "Get out. Brandy's in the shower."

Claudia smiles slyly. "I know."

Her hand runs along the rim of my pants. I grabbed her wrist. "You need to leave."

She laughs quickly. "Why? I miss our secret rendezvous. Plus she still doesn't know. Brandy really is dumb and naive."

Grabbing Claudia by her throat, I flipped us over so I hovered over her. She smiles as she quickly removes her panties. "Shut Up!" I exclaim quietly. "I told you what we did was a mistake. And I can't have you around anymore. I'm married."

"A mistake? You initiated it. You were the one who couldn't keep it in your pants. So don't come to me about you being married cause I don't care."

Claudia pushes me over back onto my back, she gets up and straddles herself on top of me. "Claudia..."

"Shh!" She says placing her finger on my lips. Moving down towards my torso, she tugs at my pants to take my member into her mouth.

"Oh fuck." I mutter throwing my head back.

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