Chapter Five

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More lies. Then another set of lies. "No, no. That can't be right. Declan told me that he died." I said in shock. My mind couldn't comprehend anything going on.

Julian raised an eyebrow at me. "Brandy. We can talk about this later. Collect whatever you need now and I'll make sure Denim replaces whatever else you can't grab right now."

How do I know if I want to go back? This could be another sick joke that I'm in the middle of. "I can't...right now."

"The hell are you talking about?" Julian says peaking out the window.

Say anything. Just anything. "I have to tell Declan that I'm leaving. He's going to wonder what happened to me." I say. I shouldn't have said something as dumb that.

Julian chuckled. "Brandy the whole point is to not tell Declan that you are leaving." He says holding my face in his hand. "Now go grab some things."

I frowned. "You can't make me." I says gently. I tried taking a step back, but I couldn't. My back hit the wall not allowing me to go any further. "I can't just get up and leave."

He rolls his eyes. "I will pick you up and drag you if don't shut up and get your shit together."

Asshole. "Can I at least call him?"

"Brandy!" Julian says frustrating.

I crossed my arms. Julian followed to my bedroom where I tried to stall time by getting my things slow as possible. "I'll have more fun watching paint dry." He groans.

"I really think I should tell Declan."

Julian stayed silent. Walking into the hallway, he came back in closing the bedroom behind him. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Get behind me." Julian says.

"Brandy Where Are You!?" I heard Declan calls out.

Oh crap!

Denim's POV

"Damn It Charlotte Where The Fuck Are You!?" I yell.

I never thought I would spend my fucking day chasing after a half naked two-year old to put on their damn pants.

"If she doesn't her ass here now, I'm going to leave her on the sidewalk." I mumbled to myself.

"Daddy Over Here!" She shouts. Turning around, Charlotte stands behind the couch smiling up at me.

"Come here." I motioned softly. Running over to me, with an empty sippy cup. "It is almost your bedtime." It was no where near her bedtime. I'm just tired of looking at her.

"Book time?" She asks. Placing her down on the couch, I managed to slip on her pants and socks. "Please."

"Anything for you my Princess." I said picking her up again.

She's going to make me run my head through a fucking wall. I need Brandy here now. I placed her down in front of the steps letting walk up the steps on her own. I have no idea why she finds so much joy in climbing stairs.

Getting her into her bed, Charlotte held onto my hand refusing to let me go. "Daddy I love you." She says sucking on her thumb. "Go to bed and I'll see you in the morning."

Closing the door behind me, I called Julian to check in on him. "Please me you have some good news for me."I sighed. Sitting down on my bed, I rubbed the side of my head. 

"Brandy's fine. But we might be a little late coming home."Julian says softly. I knew I couldn't trust him to do something as simple as bringing Brandy. "She's refusing to leave unless she tells Declan that she's leaving."

I rolled my eyes. "Have you seen her?" I exclaimed slamming my fist against the wall. "Pick that bitch up and throw her in the car if you have too."

"It's not simple Denim." Julian says. "Brandy believes that you're dead. I'm guessing that Declan spun a lie, so now she's having a hard time deciding if she wants to come home."

Dead? "I don't care what the fuck you have to do...just her in the damn car." I said hanging up the phone. Fucking imbecile can't do shit right. 

I threw my phone down on the ground letting the glass shatter. This is fucking ridiculous. I got up and made my way back to Charlotte's room. It was easy to get her back up. "Princess. Daddy has to go somewhere. So I'm going to take you to Alexander's and Nancy's." 

She nods holding on to a stuffed bunny. "Okay Daddy." She says softly. 

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