Chapter 9

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Denim laughs moving my hand. "Just let me kiss you." He whispers trying to lean in closer. "One kiss. I promise." Denim whispers gently moving his hands lower down my back.

I shook my head. "I'm going to bed. You turn off the light and shut the door on your way out." I told him crossing my arms. "Goodnight Mr. Lockwood." I say crawling into the bed.

Denim chuckles heading to the door. "As you wish Ms. Diamond." Denim says closing the door behind him.

A couple minutes passed and the door flew opened again. "Brandy this is some fucking bullshit." He says tossing the blanket off me.

"Denim!" I shrieked. "Stop It!"

Denim picks me up and puts me over his shoulder. "Be quiet. You are being too loud."

"Brandy? What's Denim Crying About?" Julian calls out from the bottom of the stairs.


"Julian She's Fine!" Denim responds bring me into his room. He shut the door behind him as he gently placed me down. He grabs my face quickly planting a kiss on my cheek. "Now go to bed." He smiles.

I crossed my arms staring at him. "What about the girl?"

"Look around she isn't here. Now go to bed. I'm tired." He says rolling his eyes.

Looking around the room, I walked to the closets and opened both doors. I almost peaked under the bed, but I thought it would be too much. "Is she still in the house?" I asked. Denim walks over the bathroom closing the door. "Hey! I'm talking to you."

"Go to bed Brandy," Denim says sternly. "or do you want me to tuck you in the way I do with Charlotte?" He teases reopening the door.

"Did you even change the sheets?" I asked frowning at the bed.

Denim walks out of the bathroom without his shirt on. "I never slept with her in the bed."

"So you did sleep with her?" I questioned.

"Get your ass in bed and stop asking so many damn questions." He exclaims walking into his closet.

Walking over to the bed, I peeled back the comforters. "Did you change the sheets?" Turning around, Denim was already standing behind me. "I am not going to sleep if the sheets aren't change."

"I didn't sleep with the girl. The sheets are fine." Denim says reaching behind me to turn off the lamp. "I'm tired Brandy. Just be quiet now."

I sighed tying my hair back in a ponytail. Denim pulls me into the bed wrapping his arm around me. "Why were you so mean to me earlier?" I asked gently turning on my side. I rested my head on his bare chest as he squeezed me a bit harder.

"I wasn't mean to you." He whispers.

I frowned. "Uh. Yes-"

"You can shut your mouth now Brandy. It's annoying." Denim says simply.

Denim's POV

She laid peacefully wrapped in my arms under the blankets. I should have gotten out of bed hours ago, but I decided to stay just watching her. Every detail on her face didn't seem to change at all.

"I'll be back Princess." I whispered planting a small kiss on her forehead. I made my way to bathroom turning on the shower. Standing under the hot water, I missed the touch of her soft skin. Everyday I was away from her, I always imagined how things could be different for us. Maybe a different house...Charlotte somehow in picture.

Getting out of the shower, I brushed my teeth before walking out into the room. Brandy still laid in the bed tossing around a bit. I grabbed a red long sleeve shirt and black pants from my closet changing right into them. Glancing up for a second, Brandy smiles at me.

"You're leaving?" She yawns. "Can I come?" She asks.

"That's the plan for the day."

Brandy jumps up from the bed walking over to me. "Really?" She asks surprised. "You actually want me to come?"

"Baby I can make cum in a second." I teased. "Go get ready. We have a long day ahead of us." I said to her gently smacking her ass as she walks into the bathroom.

Putting on my shoes, I made my way downstairs to the sound of a girl giggling. I rol.led my eyes. "Little Brother!" Julian calls out. "Care to join?" He asks walking out from the kitchen. "Your mistress friend Emma is amazing in bed. I'm surprised you didn't offer a three-way when you had the chance."

"My name is Emily." Emily says correcting him.

"Both of you get the fuck out of my house." I said leaning against the wall. Julian walks past me handing me the half eaten apple he had in his hand. I grabbed Emily before she had the chance to walk away. "If you want your brother to live a day longer, then you will keep your mouth shut. And if you blab...I will kill your entire family, including friends, without a second thought." I whispered. Pushing her forward, she quickly grabbed her bag following Julian out the door.

"You are worse than what they say!" She exclaims.

"It's my specialty." I mouthed.

I laughed watching the door close behind her. I rummaged around the kitchen preparing a gourmet meal for breakfast. I found myself buying all these foods and ingredients because of Charlotte. I have to feed her at least five times a day.

"Are you cooking?" Brandy says sneaking up behind me. She wrapped her arms around my waist. I grabbed her arm bringing her around to stand in front of me. I placed her in front of the stove. She wore this sundress clearly showing off every angle and curve on her body. "What are you doing to me wearing this dress?" I said planting my lips on her neck. She smells like fresh vanilla.

"I always wore this dress. I remember a time when you couldn't keep your hands off me."

"That was when you hated me." I say placing the pancakes on a plate.

She frowned. "Why-why don't I remember all that? It's all foggy." She questions.

I kissed her head. "It was sometime ago. Just have something to eat before we leave."

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