Chapter 15

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Brandy's POV

I haven't seen Denim since the other night. Julian made sure that he was never around me. Even if he was, he would carry me to another room. It was still party hard to walk around for myself, but it was nice to have someone help me when I needed it.

Even Christopher would stop by and spend sometime with me with Cameron and Alex. It was nice to see them again. I missed their sense of humor. Of course, Julian still didn't leave my side, no matter how tired he was.

I hated being stuck in bed. I felt unable to do anything, which I kinda am. Slowly sitting up, I leaned over to get a glimpse of the time. "1:03." I whispered. I frowned realizing how hungry I am. "Julian." I whispered gently touching his bare arm. "Julian." I said again.

He groans a little. "Brandy." He mutters tiredly.

Biting my bottom lip, I quickly my sweate grabbed off of the dresser. Slowly, I pulled the blanket off me and swung my legs over the side. I bit my bottom lip trying to hold myself back from making any sounds. Barely walking at all, with every step and movement, I slowly moved along the wall till I got to the door. I was nearly out of breath trying to not to fall ground from not being able to hold myself up.

Getting to the top of stairs, I held onto the railing just staring down the steps. They seemed to be longer like it was never ending. I tried to take the first step, but it felt like I was stabbed a bunch of times in my leg that seemed to shoot up throughout my body.

Moving back against the wall, I started to cry. I forced myself to sit on the floor just quietly bawling eyes out. I covered my mouth trying not to make any noise. Maybe I could have a moment to myself, even if I'm crying.

I avoided looking at myself in the mirror or any reflection. I didn't need to see an image of myself when I could feel the pain. Plus I can make myself believe it's not as bad in my head. I sat against the wall before attempting to stand back up. I tried to bend my knee, but I couldn't. "...ow." I say quietly to myself.

I watched the door across from me. Footsteps walked around the room for a few moments then stopped. Door opened and Denim walked out fixing his shirt. He looks at me for a split second before laughing and walking down the steps. I barely even saw him. It was just a demon from hell.

"Brandy, what the hell are you doing?" I glanced over at Julian bending down beside me. In one swift movement, he picks me. "Why didn't you wake me up if you wanted to go downstairs?" He questions.

Julian brings me back to the bedroom, placing back on the bed. "Sorry. I just was hungry."

He smiles. "I'll get you something to eat. Just sit tight. Alright?"

I nod. "Alright."

Denim's POV

"Brandy looks good. New skincare routine?" I said leaning against the counter.

Julian looks over at me. "Complimenting the black eye you gave her. How caring of you Denim. That's a new low for you." He says.

"I don't understand Denim. You claim to love this girl, but hurt her every single tome you get a chance." Julian says to me. "She was happy and excited to see you again. Brandy cared about you so much that she never once stop believing in you, but you clearly don't fucking deserve her love." He exclaims right before I left the kitchen.

I turned back around. "And what makes you think I ever stopped?"

He chuckles lowly, crossing his arms. "Maybe the fact that you beat the fuck out of her two days ago. She can't walk, move, she can barely sit up on her own."

I shrugged. "She will get better soon. She's Brandy."

"You don't get it, do you?"

I put my shoes on by the door. I raised an eyebrow. "No. I don't think you get it." I said to him. "No matter what I do, Brandy will always find a way back to me."

I'm not wrong. Brandy will always find a way back to me. Doesn't matter what I do to her. Plus she cant avoid me forever. She has no where else to go and even if she does leave, she knows that I will always find her.

Seeing her earlier made me kinda miss having her wake up in my bed next to me or wrapped in my arms. Her big blue eyes...I could stare into him all day if I wanted.

Leaving the house, I got into my car. Leaving the driveway, I noticed a silver vehicle following behind me. Not really paying much attention to it, I headed straight onto the main road that led onto the highway.

I picked up my phone to call Blue. "Denim." He greets me.

"Go ahead without me. I'm running behind schedule." I told him.


Hanging up the call, I pulled over to the side of the road. The car behind me pulls over with me. I waited before getting out of the car. "Nice car." He says walking over to me. "Black Badge Rolls Royce. How new?"

"Yesterday." I said crossing my arms. "You've been following me. What's the deal?"

"Can't we just talk Denim?" He says.

I rolled my arms. "Since you know my name, I'm guessing you know everything about me."

He laughs shortly. "Well of course. I've been tracking you for some time now."

I raised an eyebrow. "For what reason?"

"Well for starters, I find it interesting how your entire family only-"

"Don't bring my fucking family name into this." I told him. "What do you really want?"

He remains silent. "I want to arrest you Denim Lockwood." He finally blurts out. "And then arrest everyone else you're associated with."

I laughed taking off my sunglasses. "On what charges?"

"Human trafficking. Illegal drugs and weapons. Murders. Kidnapping. Sleeping with underage girls. Counterfeiting millions." He says.

"I don't know what you are talking about. I run multiple businesses. Bars, clubs...hell even a few strip clubs. I practically own the cities entertainment business. So who's really going to believe you?"

"Why don't I have a chat with the lovely Brandy Diamond? You seem to have a romantic relationship with her. Am I wrong?"

I clutched. "Stay away from her. She's has nothing to do with whatever you are accusing me of."

"Just admit it Denim. You run, probably one of the largest mafia's, in the entire world. You got blood on your hands that can never be washed off."

I scoffed. "You think I wouldn't mind a little blood here and there?"

"What about Charlotte?"

Without thinking I grabbed him by his collar. Tossing him onto the hood of his vehicle. "What did you say?" I growled.

The fear in his eyes was piercing. Trying to push me off him, I only held him harder. "You are making a mistake." He says.

"Bring Up My Daughter's Name Again And The Next Time I Have Blood On My Hands...It'll Be Yours!" I shout. Tossing him to the side, he rolls off his car landing in the dirt.

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