Chapter 11

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The lady clears her throat turning her attention back to Julian."I'm Iris and this is Eric, my husband. I'm looking for Brandy. I was told that she would be here." She says. "I'm her mother."

Julian takes a step back allowing both of come in. I turned to Christopher who stood by the stairs. Iris just stared at me without taking her eyes off me. She does look a little like Brandy. They have same big blue eyes. "Where's my daughter?" Eric snaps. I frowned.

"I would calm down if I were you. Remember what happened to your wife when she decided to get mouthy with me." I said stepping closer to him. I smirked. "She's lucky I didn't-"

"-Denim. Leave them alone." Julian says pushing me back a step. "Christopher. Go get Brandy." He says.

"What's with the visit?" I asked crossing my arms. Iris gulped looking me up and down. "Am I turning you on Mrs. Diamond?" I teased. I brushed a piece of her fallen hair behind her ear.

"Denim cut it out." Julian cutting in. I shrugged him off.

"N-no. I-I just want to see my daughter." She says softly. "Please."

I laughed shortly. "I think it's really fucking hilarious how you can leave Brandy all behind because of how goddamn shallow the both of you are. Brandy came back to me because she believed that you stopped loving her." I said to them. I heard Brandy's voice down the hall about to make her way down the steps.

"We never stopped loving her. We just wanted to give her something better." Eric says grabbing onto Iris's hand. "We never thought this is how she would end up."

I smiled. "Julian. Christopher. Leave the Diamond family to catch up for a bit." I said as I walked towards the office.

Brandy's POV

After Denim had shunned me away, I hid myself in his bedroom. I was going through all of his draws trying to find something else to throw in his face. A bra? Another piece of lingerie? A Shirt? Anything to prove to him that I am not someone who he can take advantage of.

I caught myself freezing up for a second. Though he technically has been taking the slightest bit of advantage of. After I searched through the entire room, I sat on the bed realizing how crazy I must have looked.

Running my hand through my hair, Christopher storms into the room. "You have visitors waiting for you downstairs. Denim is having too much fun harassing them." He tells me.

"Who?" I asked getting off the bed.

He shrugs. "Go see for yourself."

I smiled walking over to him. I gently wrapped my arms around catching him off guard. He hugs me back leaving a small kiss on the top of my head. "I missed you Brandy." He whispers.

"I missed you too."

Letting me go, Christopher leads the way down the steps. "Julian. Christopher. Leave the Diamond family to catch up for a bit." Denim says.

I got to the bottom of the steps. I felt a pit in my stomach staring at the both of them. My mother had tears in her eyes. She held out her arms to embrace me with them. "Mom? Dad?" I blurt out.

"Hi Honey." My dad says stepping closer to me. "How are you?"

I found myself being wrapped in their arms, letting them hold me as tight as they could. I almost didn't want to let them let go of me. "Brandy come home with us please." My mom begs. "We got a new house. Somewhere safer. Just the three of us." She says caressing my face.


"Brandy. We're sorry. We should have never let you go like that. It was wrong of us to do so." My dad says. I never seen fear in him before. He always looks so tough and happy. Never really sad or angry. But this fear I saw in his eyes, was different. "We just want to be a family again."

I shook my head. "You kicked me out of the family. I had no one else to turn to and now you want me back because you feel sorry." I said taking a step back from them. "Even if I wanted to, I can't leave."

My mother frowned. "What do you mean you can't leave?"

I took a deep breath. "Denim won't allow me. Even if I did, he would just drag me back here in a second."

"Brandy is this crazy! He's crazy." My dad exclaims raising his voice.

"Please don't be so loud. He'll hear you and want to start an argument with you." I told him. "Denim doesn't care if you are my parents or not. He's never going to let me out of his sight for more than a few minutes."

Neither of them said a word. "We don't we go out to get something to eat. Your favourite restaurant perhaps? It'll be a little more private. We can come back later on this evening."

I cleared my throat. "I would have to ask Denim first. I think he'll be okay with it."

"Do you have to ask him about everything? He doesn't control you." My dad says.

I shrug. "I'll be right back."I told them. I walked down the hall knocking on the office door. Christopher opens the door for me.

"How's Mommy and Daddy Diamond doing?" He asks.

I nod. "They want to take me out-"

"No." Denim says without any hesitation.

"They're my parents Denim. It'll only be for a few hours."

Denim walks over to me. "I said no. Do I make myself clear Brandy?" He says.

I looked away for a second. I bit my bottom lip. "Please Denim. They are my parents."


"I'll go with her to make sure that she won't alone with them. It'll be good for them to reconnect." Julian says. "Brandy you can tell your parents." He tells me.

I smiled over at Julian and glared at Denim as I quickly left the room. "What did he say?"

"I said nothing. Brandy isn't going anywhere unless I say so. So do yourself a giant favour and get the hell out of my house." Denim says walking up behind me. He wraps his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. "Or do I have to remove you myself?"

"Denim!" I exclaim.

"Brandy it's fine. Just please call me when you have the chance." My mom says about to turn away.

"Denim please don't get mad at me." I whispered.

My mind raced something to get them to stay just a little longer. How much as I hated to the see the disappointment in their eyes, I loved the way their eyes lit up when they saw me. They were happy and a part of me was happy too.

"Stay here for the next few days." I blurted. "There's more than enough bedrooms. You won't be a bother." I told them.

Denim pulls me back. "Have you lost your damn mind?" He growls.

"Yes. Just a bit." I said to him. "Please. Denim. I know they won't get in the way."

Denim leans in closer to me. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't punish you for disobeying me?" I placed my hands on his chest staring up at him. I didn't even say anything to him.

"Just for a few nights?" I pleaded. "Please. I promise-"

He sighs. "Fine!" He says kissing the top of my head. "But if they get in my way, I will physically throw them out the door myself."

I nod. "Thank You!" I exclaimed. I jumped up wrapping my arms around him as tight as I could. Turned around with smile growing across my face. "You can stay a few days. I'll make sure that someone will drive you back to your house, so you can get the rest of your things." I shrieked. In excitement. 

Smiles grew across their face. My mom pulled me in for a hug caressing the back of my head. I held onto her feeling a sensation of warmth. "Denim. Thank you." My dad says.

Denim refuses to say anything. Instead, he just simply turns away and makes his way back into his office. "He doesn't seem too happy about this Brandy. Are sure this is okay?" My mom questions.

I sigh lightly. "He'll get over it."

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