Chapter 26: The Stoaway

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A few days later,  it was cold, but there was not a lot of snow, Jesse was working on his truck. Ellie went outside.

"What ya doing?" asked Ellie to Jesse.

He didn't look from his work. He was covered in oil and greese.

"Fixing my truck" said Jesse.

"Why?" asked Ellie.

She was trying to get on his nerves.

"Because its broken" said Jesse.

"Whats wrong with it?" asked Ellie.

"I don't know I'm trying to figure it out" said Jesse get upset.

"Then how can you be fixing something, when you don't know whats wrong with it?" asked Ellie.

"Ellie!" said Jesse looking, "No more questions"

She skipped off. Jesse sighed.

"Whats the matter with you?" asked TJ coming up behind him.

"She asks to many dam questions" said Jesse.

TJ laughed.

"Its not funny" said Jesse.

"She is only doing it to get under your skin, which worked" said TJ.

"Can just help me?" asked Jesse.

"Sure" said TJ, "Whats wrong with it?"

Jesse gave him a look.

"I don't I'm trying to figure it out" said Jesse.

"Have you checked everything?" asked TJ.

"Yes" said Jesse, "I don't know"

They started to work on his truck. Meanwhile Ellie was on the swing and heard some one coming she jumped up hoping it was John, but it wasn't, he hadn't called or been around in days. It wasn't it was Chace and Annie. He slowed down. Ellie was suking on the swing.

"Whats the matter Sunshine?" asked Chace.

She looked up.

"Where's John?" asked Ellie.

"He is working" said Chace.

"Thats a lame excuse, you keep saying that" said Ellie.

"He will come around" said Chace.

"You keep saying that to" said Ellie.

Chace didn't say anything and kept driving. Ellie got up and ran back to the house. She was upset, but decided to let it go. She ran to TJ and Jesse, Chace was now there, Annie went inside. Ellie came up between TJ and Chace.

"I'm bored" said Ellie. 

They ignored her.

"I'm bored" said Ellie.

"Ellie are you ok, I know your upset about John" said Chace.

"No I'm not I decided not be to, its his stupid fault and I'm not going to be upset, if he wants to come around he will and theres nothing we can do about" said Ellie she ran off.

They all watched her.

"Thats new" said TJ.

"Ya really" said Chace.

"She is saying that but I can gurantee in a few days, there will be a break down" said Jesse.

"God I hope not" said TJ.

"Have you talked to John?" asked Jesse to Chace.

"Ya I have, he is to pissed off to come over here" said Chace, "I told him he needs to get over it and come to at least see Ellie."

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