Chapter 11: The Girl

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Ellie was so nervous about telling her brother about Chace, she knew he told everyone else, and she knew that Chace was going to be really mad at her, she was hoping he wasn't going to come around, when he was here she pretended to be asleep.

John was home watching Ellie, while their parents worker and everyone else was at school or work. It was around four o'clock and Chace came down the driveway. Ellie got up on her crutches. She really wasn't suppose to be walking around, but John was upstairs so he wouldn't know. She hobbled over to the window, it was Chace and in the passenger seat was a girl. The girl she assumed was the girl he was dating and living with. She hobbled back to the couch fast, but not with out loosing her balance and falling, her crutches went flying one hit Tucker who yelped and the other one knocked over a lamp. Ellie cringed.

John heard the commotion and came running down the stairs, just as Chace walked in the door.

"John!" yelled Ellie.

Chace took the girl's hand and followed John.

"Ellie" said John as he ran to her.

"What did I say about walking around" asked John.

"Sorry" she said as John picked her up and moved her to the couch.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Ya I'm fine" she said.

"Lets keep you leg elavated" said John putting pillows under her leg. He then picked up the lamp.

"Is Chace in here yet?" asked Ellie concerned.

"Ya I'm right here" said Chace.

Ellie gulped.

"Hi" she said.

"Hi sunshine" said Chace.

John turned around.

"So we finally get to meet the "secret girlfriend" said John.

Chace shot him a look. Ellie hid her face behind a pillow and sunk down in the couch.

"Ellie?" questioned Chace.

"I'm asleep" said Ellie.

"Ellie?" questioned Chace again.

"I'm sorry" said Ellie, "TJ wouldn't stop bothering me, he pushing me on the swing and said he wasn't going to take me inside, unless I told him. I'm so sorry."

Chace calmed himself.

"No its fine" said Chace, "Not your fault, I shouldn't have to told you all this."

"Well anyways this is Annie" said Chace.

"Hi" said Annie.

John went to shake her hand "I'm John."

"Hi" said Ellie.

"And you must be the famous Ellie" said Annie with a big smile

Ellie smiled back.

TJ walked in the door.

"Ellie do me a favor keep Annie company while I talk to John and TJ" said Chace giving John a glare.

"Na I'm good" said John.

Chace grabbed him by the shirt.

They went towards the door, where TJ was. When TJ saw Chace and his look. He got a little scared.

"TJ what the hell's the matter with?" asked Chace.

"What?" asked TJ.

"You forced the secret out of Ellie" said Chace.

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