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petrified screams  •  stranger things by yellourr
petrified screams • stranger thi...by 𝕘𝕒𝕡 𝕥𝕠𝕠𝕥𝕙 𝕤
"The only thing scarier than a monster is losing a sense of yourself and becoming your own monster..." [ book one of the petrified screams series ] [ stranger...
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Shaun Murphy// living every day by its-me-ellie
Shaun Murphy// living every dayby its._ellie._
"Hello, my name is Dr. Shaun Murphy, I'm a surgical resident at St. Bonaventure Hospital." Lillian Myers is a surgical resident at St. Bonaventure Hospi...
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The Life of Elizabeth Jane by thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Janeby thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Jane a girl stuck as the youngest of six older brothers. Her life, her wacky stories of her brothers and her life. The hardships she endures, the l...
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His Daughter (Freddie Highmore x reader) by Freddiesbabygirl
His Daughter (Freddie Highmore x r...by Mykie
Before Freddie left to Vancouver, you found out you were pregnant. Now you are a single mother with your daughter. You recently moved to Vancouver for a role in a new sh...
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freddie highmore imagines by xcaylamillerx
freddie highmore imaginesby babygirl
" she talks about you like you put the stars in the sky "
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You're not Psycho (Bates Motel Fan Fiction) by httpkenzie15
You're not Psycho (Bates Motel Fan...by Kenzii
Makenzie Matthews is a normal 15 year old girl who just moved from Chicago to White Pine Bay, Oregon. Her family and her move because her parents got a better job. She n...
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Adopted By Freddie Highmore by WendyDarling45
Adopted By Freddie Highmoreby WendyDarling45
What happens when a 15 year old girl named Amy Swan get's adopted by Bates Motel star Freddie Highmore? Will her life be turned upside down or rightside up? You'll just...
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The Truth About Us  by anmarisalvakelter
The Truth About Us by anmarisalvakelter
'Freddie Highmore' the man that changed everything; the way she thinks, the way she handles things.. The man who taught her how to love and who followed the path of the...
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I just love you (Freddie x Reader) by rebeccamassey123
I just love you (Freddie x Reader)by Rebecca Massey
Just a girl who loves Freddie and wanted to make a story about him.
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Daddy's House by danikriss
Daddy's Houseby danikriss
Newly single Freddie has to learn to cope with a new role in his life, taking care of his many kids. How will he be able to juggle work life as well as being a soccer d...
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Falling For The Brit by HeyItsFrans
Falling For The Britby r.f.
Mistakes. Everyone makes them. Some far worse than others.... some far more childish, immature or stupid than others; however, as far as the nonexistent 'ctrl+z' button...
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Chapter 1 - New Jersey by Shania_Melodies
Chapter 1 - New Jerseyby Jal Langdon
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a b n o r m a l i t y by pauutt
a b n o r m a l i t yby Ana Treviño
If the future is not worth fighting for, then don't give up for the past. In a world where humanity is lost, and twisted minds take mind-control, there shall only be wa...
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a little after [Freddie Highmore] by ROStarbuckS
a little after [Freddie Highmore]by My WattPad Twin - @Haileexoxo
Where a young girl accidentally bangs into a masculine young man. Her eyes catch his, they hold for a moment. The rest of her life, his life, is history. Best Achievemen...
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2 Step by hazzasgirl221
2 Stepby NoT AvErAgE
Jessica Hailey is a professional dancer and choreographer, and she's the best at what she does. But when Jess starts turning down the incoming jobs people want her to d...
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How is This School Year Different From Last Year by JaybirdRae
How is This School Year Different...by Jaybird Rae
It about a girl who had no friends last year and this year she has friends
We're More Similar Than You Think by EmilyTennantPeters
We're More Similar Than You Thinkby Emily
A Norman Bates Love Story (BASED ON THE SHOW NOT THE MOVIE) Anyways, Katie Dunn is the school loser in White Pine Bay and has only one friend and that's Emma Decody. She...
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The Werewolf The Human The Wizard by Hogtail21
The Werewolf The Human The Wizardby MoonyHogtail™
This story is just fictional. It's about of two of men who has been cast into the world of people to do their mission. Their mission is to protect those who have lost th...
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