Chapter 7: A Walk in the Rain

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Ellie was getting ready for school.

"Yo, Ellie!" yelled TJ, "Hurry up or your walking to school in the rain!"

"I'm coming!" yelled Ellie back, "Hold your horses on!"

A few minutes later, she came bounding down the stairs.

"Thank you" said TJ, "Lets go."

"I need my rain boots" said Ellie.

"Really?" said TJ.

"Yes, it is raining" said Ellie.

"Fine" said TJ, "Go get your lunch I will find your boots."

He began looking in the big closet by the front door. It had tons of coats, shoes and a bunch of sport equipment it was a mess. Nancy refuses to enter it, she was tired of cleaning it and then everyone making a mess of it, so she stopped cleaning it and refuses to go in.

Ellie ran to the kitchen grabbed her lunch. TJ found her boots.

"Here" said TJ, putting the boots in front of her.

They then ran out the door, and ran to the truck as it poured down rain.

They arrived at school.

"I have soccer practice inside today right after school" said Ellie, "Can you pick me up afterwards?"

"Someone will" said TJ, "Have a good day"

"Thanks TJ, you to" said Ellie.

Ellie ran into the school along with other kids. TJ headed to school.

Soccer practiced ended and Ellie and her team mates headed outside it was still raining. Everyone ran to their parents cars, except Ellie know was there. She didn't have a cell phone to call anyone either, he parents said she was to young. Ellie knew TJ or someone forgot. She waited fifteen minutes still no one, so she got up and decided she had to walk home in the pouring down rain.

She would run for awhile, but then walk it was a twenty minute walk. She wasn't enough half way there and she was drenched. She finally arrived, she saw all her brothers where home. She opened the front door, Tucker bark.

Her brothers were talking, but heard the door open, they stopped talking.

She took off her boots and slowly walked to the living room. When she got there she had an evil look on her face.

They all snickered a little.

She gave them an evil glare.

"You forgot" said Ellie.

"No, I didn't I told John to pick you up" said TJ.

"And I told Jesse" said John.

"No I told Will" said Jesse.

"Then I told Luke to" said Will.

"Well I told Chace" said Luke.

Ellie rolled her eyes and growled then walked away.

Edward then came home a few minutes later.

"Boys!" he yelled.

"In hear dad!" yelled Luke.

He went to the living room

"Why did I get a call from Mr. Anderson that Ellie was running up the driveway in the pouring down, drenched?" asked Edward.

"Because Chace forgot about her" said TJ.

"Really?" asked Edward.

"Really" said TJ.

"Well let me guess you all told each other to pick her up" said Edward.

"Ya I told John" said TJ.

"I told Jesse" said John.

"I told Will" said Jesse.

"I told Luke" said Will.

"And I told Chace" said Luke, "So see Chace forgot."

"I don't really care who told who" said Edward, "Just don't let it happen again, you all are adults now, start being more responsible."

"Sorry dad" they said.

"Fine, just don't tell your mother" said Edward.

They all smiled.

The next day Ellie came down the stairs coughing. They all looked at each other.

She came into the kitchen.

"I don't feel well" said Ellie.

"Well I'm out of here" said TJ.

"Me to" said Jesse.

They all got up and left.

"Boys, stop" said Nancy.

"Sorry mom we are going to be late" said John.

They ran out the door.

"Why do I have a feeling, they have something to do with this" said Nancy.

"Because they have everything to do with this" said Ellie.

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