Chapter 24: Trying to Fix it

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It was around 10 o'clock Ellie was in her room. John knew he needed to get over himself, he knew being a jerk to his sister was stupid and didn't even know why he was doing it in the first place. He knocked on the door.

"Ellie I know I'm the last person you want to talk to, and you have every right to mad at me and not talk to me, but I want to apologize for the way I acted I was an idiot, well more than an idiot" said John.

She didn't answer. John stood there few a minutes. Jesse walked up the stairs and gave him a look but ignored him. Nancy came up.

"Its time for her to go to bed" said Nancy, "Figure it out in the morning."

John nodded and walked away to his room.

"Figure out your issue yet" said Jesse meanly.

"Ya, I did" said John being a jerk back, "Look I had no right to do what I did, and I'm not explaining why I explaind to Chace, and besides you don't care."

"Your right I don't know, but at least you decided to take responsibility" said Jesse. Shutting on the lamp and laying down in bed.

John sat down on his bed and put his head in his hands.

The next day Ellie walked out the same time John did, she looked at him, but said nothing and walked away. John just stood there. Ellie went downstairs and ate breakfest never saying a word the whole. John ate to. He decided to wait till she was ready to talk. Edward then came in and looked at both of them. Ellie got up and headed to the stairs. John ran after her.

"Ellie wait, if you don't want to talk to me now fine, but I'm here when you want to" said John. Ellie stopped and listened and then walked away.

John decided to call TJ and apologize.

"TJ I'm sorry, its not your fault or Ellie's its mine and Jesse and I have accepted that" said John.

"Thanks, but is might fault I told" said TJ, "Did you make up with Ellie?"

"I'm trying" said John.

"Let me talk to her" said TJ.

"Alright" said John. He knocked on her door.

"Ellie TJ is on the phone" said John.

She didn't answer.

Jesse walked by on his way out to work.  He stopped though and turned to them. He knocked on teh door.

"Ellie its Jesse, and TJ is on the phone and you will talk to him" said Jesse. He grabbed the phone from John as Ellie opened the door and handed it her. She shut the door after.  Jesse walked away without a word. John listened to the coversation.

Ellie talked to TJ.

"Ellie I'm sorry I made all this happen" said TJ.

"Its not your fault and I'm not mad at you" said Ellie.

"But your mad at John, and you should be" said TJ.

"No I shouldn't he is my brother" said Ellie.

"He did something he shouldn't have done, Jesse did to and John was a jerk to you for know reason" said TJ.

Ellie was silent.

"Ellie if I know you its killing you not to talk to John" said TJ.

Ellie was silent.

"I know he wants to fix this because its killing him to" said TJ.

"Ya it is" said Ellie, "I hate being mad at him or any of you" 

"Then do me a favor go and talk to him, because he is there to listen" said TJ.

"Alright" said Ellie.

"I love you kiddo" said TJ.

"I love you to" said Ellie she hung went for the door. She opened in to see John standing there.

John got a scared look on his face. Ellie didn't say anything, but took his hand and then went down stairs. She broke away from his hand and got a coat and hat on and then threw one to John. John got a slight smile on his face. They got dressed and headed outside. They stared to take a walk down the driveway. Nancy stood at the window watching with a smile. Edward who was outside looked up and smiled. Luke from his room looked up from his books to see them and smiled a little. They walked for awhile without talking then Ellie said something. John held her hand.

"I'm sorry I got you in trouble" said Ellie.

"Thats exactly what you didn't do" said John, "It was me and Jesse, who got me and Jesse in trouble not you, I had no right to be mean to you or anyone, but especially not you, your my little sister" said John.

"I hated being mad at you" said Ellie.

"I hated being mean to you, it had nothing to do with you" said John.

"What was it? asked Ellie.

"Its nothing, something I don't want you to have to lie about or keep a secret about" said John.

"Well I know its going to be ok" said Ellie.

"Thanks Ellie" said John.

Ellie hugged him. John picked her up and hugged and then swung her around. Ellie laughed. He put her down and then she threw snow at him. They had a little snow fight and then walk home. John put Ellie on his shoulders and they walked home.

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