Chapter 17: The Fight

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The next day Will was at the local, dinner/ice cream shop/teenage hang out spot. He was there with some friends. Just then Adam Connor walked in with his friends. Adam was the jerk at school, no one liked him, he was a real douchebag.

"Will, its Adam" said Will's friend.

Will got up and approached him he pushed him a little.

"Woah" said Adam.

"You ***hole!" yelled Will.

"Oh, that stupid mutt huh?" said Adam laughing, "Your lucky I didn't hit that little sister of yours" he laughed.

Will filled with rage, he punched Adam right in the face. Adam fell backwards and lauched himself at Will. They then got in a fight on the ground, they started punching each other.

The owner and waitresses started yelling.

"HEY!" they yelled, "Cut it out"

One picked up a phone and called over the police.

Jesse got the call and they came running over.

"HEY!" yelled Jesse and fellow officers.

They pulled them apart.

"Jesse! let me go, you want to know what he said, he said we are lucky he didn't hit Ellie" said Will so angry.

Jesse filled with anger.

"Go Home Will" he said.

He took Adam cuffed him and they headed out.

Once there, Sheriff took him.

Jesse was so angry.

"God I want to kill him" said Jesse.

"Calm down" said an officer.

"Did you hear what he said!" yelled Jesse.

"Ya I did, listen its going to be taken care of, and besides Will took care of it, did you see Adam's face" said the officer.

"He just lucky I didn't kill him, I better get home" said Jesse walking out the door.

He walked in the door.

"Jesse what happened Will won't answer me" said Nancy.

"He got in a fight with Adam" said Jesse.

"A fight" said Edward walking in the room.

"Ya, I'm glad he did, you know what Adam said, he said we are lucky he didn't hit Ellie to" said Jesse in extreme anger.

Nancy got tears in her eyes.

"Adam is in custody right?" asked Edward.

"Ya" said Jesse walking away, "Where's Will?"

"Upstairs" said Edward.

"Will!' he yelled.

"What?" asked Will with an ice pack on his head and eye.

"Listen I am not mad at you for fighting him, I was at first, but not now, not after I learned what he said, I would have done the same thing" said Jesse.

"Will I heard you got in a fight" said TJ.

"Ya with Adam" said Will.

"Really? Nice" said TJ.

Jesse shot him a look.

"Do know what he said" asked Jesse.

Luke walked in.

"Ya he said that he is lucky he didn't hit Ellie" said Luke, "I would have punched him, more like killed him."

"He did?" said TJ angry.

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