Chapter 19: Dancing

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That night Chace came over with Annie. Ellie ran up to them.

She hugged Annie.

"Hi Annie" she said.

"Hi Ellie" said Annie smiling.

"What am I chopped liver?" asked Chace with a smile.

Ellie jumped on him. He caught her.

She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Your in a good mood" said Chace, "Let me guess its because  it snowed" he said smiling

"Ya and you didn't come" said Ellie crossing her arms.

"Sorry sunshine" said Chace, "I had a lot of work to do"

"Excuses, excuses" said Ellie with a smile.

Chace put her down.

They went into the living room, everyone else was there.

"You missed I hit John square in the face, with a snowball" said Ellie jumping in between John and Luke on the couch, "Well I didn't mean to, I was throwing at the window, and then he opened it so he got hit in the face."

Chace smiled. John shot Ellie a look.

"I loved the snow a lot to when I was your age" said Annie, "its magical"

"Exactly! finally some one understands!" said Ellie.

"Where's mom and dad?" asked Chace.

"They went to dinner" said John.

"John hit me in the face with a snowball and then I pretended it hurt and when he got close a stuffed snow in his face" said Ellie.

Chace smiled.

"I taught you that one" said Chace smiling.

"Tuck loved the snow to" said Ellie getting a little sad, she rest her head on John's shoulder.

 John kissed her forehead and wrapped her arms around her.

"He did, but he is there" said John.

Ellie smiled.

"I know" said Ellie smiling.

They all continued talking and soon got on the subject about how Chace can't dance.

"You can not dance Chace" said Will.

"We have all seen it its horrible" said TJ.

"Everyone can dance" said Annie.

"I don't know about Chace, its pretty bad" said Luke.

"Really is" said Ellie.

"Ellie hit the radio" said Annie.

"Alright" said Ellie skeptically, but got up and put it on. 

Chace got up and took Annie's hand they started dancing.

Everyone started laughing.

"You can't do any better sunshine" said Chace.

"Can to" said Ellie.

"Lets see it then" said Chace.

Luke got up and took Ellie's hands and started dancing. Spinning her, dipping her and do all kinda of crazy moves.

Everyone laughed.

 Jesse then walked in the door.

"What is this a dance party?" asked Jesse putting down his things.

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