Chapter 20: Who Told Mom?

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Ellie woke up the next day and got ready for school. She went downstairs, were her mom was making her lunch and had her breakfest on at the counter. She sat down on the stool.

"Good morning mom, how was dinner?" said Ellie.

"It was good dear, thank you" said Nancy, "How are you this morning, I heard you had an asthma attack last night."

"Oh I'm fine, I think I was just to hyper" said Ellie.

"Well, I want you to go see the doctor again, you have not had one in years, and I am concerned" said Nancy.

"Mom I am fine it was a freak thing" said Ellie.

"It was a freak thing last time to and we know what happened after that" said Nancy.

"Mom, thats not gonna happen again" said Ellie.

"Thats not going to happen again, not gonna" said Nancy.

Ellie sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Elizabeth Jane do not roll your eyes at me" said Nancy.

"But mom I am fine" said Ellie.

"Well until we know for sure, I don't want you going to soccer, I called your coach and told him you will be coming straight home after school to rest" said Nancy.

"Mom!" said Ellie, "Thats not fair!"

"I do not care if its fair, thats how its going to happen, now finish your breakfest so your not late to school" said Nancy.

"But mom" said Ellie.

"No buts Elizabeth Jane, and if I find out you went, you will be in big trouble" said Nancy, "Its straight home after school."

"Alright" said Ellie sighing.

She finished her breakfest and went to school.

After school she walked home, she missed the bus and was mad that one of her brothers told her mom what happened.

She went inside threw off her boots, threw her backpack in a corner, even though she knew she was going to get in trouble for it and stormed upstairs. She kind of slammed her door, but didn't really mean to.

Luke was at his desk studying, TJ was getting ready to go to a gig.

TJ laughed a little when he heard the door slam.

"Well there is obviously something wrong" said TJ.

 "I don't even want to know I have a huge test tomorrow" said Luke.

"You always say that, anytime you don't want to deal with it" said TJ.

"Not true, and I do have a big test tomorrow, you deal with it" said Luke.

"I have to leave" said TJ.

"Not my problem" said Luke.

"You always get so crabby when your studying, which is all the time" said TJ.

"Shut up TJ" said Luke.

"Enough said" said TJ smirking.

Luke ignored him.

TJ picked up his guitar and went to knock on Ellie's door.

"Ellie?" he asked.

"Are you alright? I thought you had soccer?" asked Luke.

She opened the door.

"I did except mom won't let me go, because someone told her I had an asthma attack last night, and now she won't let me do anything till I go to the doctor" said Ellie angry.

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