Chapter 15: Halloween Turned Disaster

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Two days later it was Halloween and Ellie got to go out by herself. She had made a vampire outfit for Tuck. Who wasn't to happy about it.

"The Bewitching hour is about to begin!" yelled Edward up the stairs.

Ellie came bounding the stairs with Tuck, all dressed up.

"Picture time" said Nancy.

Ellie kneeled down next to Tuck and Nancy took the picture.

All her brothers came in laughing a little, but smiling.

"You look great Ellie" said TJ.

Annie and Chace came in.

"Ah" yelled Annie, "Is that you Ellie?" asked Annie, "You are a very convincing witch."

Ellie smiled "Thanks!"

Chace hugged her.

"Tuck looks miserable" said Chace.

"He does not, he likes it" said Ellie.

"Ya sure" said John.

"Alright" said Nancy, "Here is my phone, answer it when I call if not, you are coming straight home, you understand me?"

"Yes mam" said Ellie.

"Now pay attention, don't talk to strangers, don't eat any candy till I check it, stay together, be home by 9" said Nancy, "and if you need anything Jesse is working."

"Dear, she will be fine" said Edward, "Bye sweetie have fun!"

Ellie left to me her friends for trick o treating.

It was almost 9 Ellie knew she was going to be late, so she called her mom and told her she was going to the police station and wait for Jesse. Her mother was ok with it, but she said she better get there by 9.

She started to Run, Tuck was behind her. She ran across the street, before she could react she saw a car come flying the down the street and hit Tuck. There was horrible sound and a yelp.

Ellie screamed.

"TUCK!!!" she yelled.

Meanwhile inside the police station, Jesse, Danny, and Kevin heard everything.

"Ellie" said Jesse.

They all ran out the door.

Kevin grabbed Ellie and held her back, Danny and Jesse ran to Tuck. They picked Tuck up and carried to Jesse's truck.

"Tuck" said Ellie crying.

"It will be ok" said Kevin.

"Keving take Ellie home" said Jesse.

"No I'm coming" said Ellie.

"No Ellie" said Jesse as he got in his truck.

Keving drove Ellie home the whole time, she was crying. He took her into the house. Ellie was greated by John, She ran to him and jumped into his arms crying. He held her hugging her.

"What happened?" asked John.

Everyone gathered.

"Tucker was hit by a truck, Jesse and Danny took him to vet" said Kevin.

"Who was it?" asked Edward.

"I don't know the car, hit and ran, I got to get back the station, I'm sorry Ellie" he said patting her back.

Everyone stood in silence.

Ellie was crying excessively.

"Its going to be okay" said John, rubbing her back.

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