Chapter 6: The Accident

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Nancy was in the kitchen cooking along with, John, TJ, Will and Luke. Jesse was at work and Chace was at his house.

"Your father and I have a dinner to go tomorrow night and we need some to watch Elizabeth Jane" said Nancy.

"I have a performance" said TJ.

"I have a football game" said Will.

"I have a project for school that I'm going to work on with a classmate" said Luke.

"So that leaves you John" said Nancy.

"Well....Well I got nothing" said John, "but what about Chace and Jesse?"

"I already asked them, Jesse has work and so does Chace" said Nancy.

"She's twelve why does she need a babysitter?" asked John.

"You know, she is afraid to be home alone, and can't make anything besides cereal by herself" said Nancy.

"What if I talk to her?" asked John.

"No" said Nancy.

"Mom" said John.

"No" said Nancy walking away.

The others laughed.

"Sometimes I think we baby her to much" said John.

"Ya, so she is our little sister, and she can stay twelve years old the rest of her life and that would be fine with me" said TJ walking away.

John sighed and went to find Ellie.

"Hey Ellie" said John she was shooting baskets.

"Yes" said Ellie, "What do you want?"

"How do you know I want something" said John grabbing the ball and making a shot, but missing.

"You missed" said Ellie, "And I could tell by your voice."

"Well mom and dad are going out tomorrow night and they want me to stay with you and I had a party to go to" said John, "Will you be fine by yourself?"

Ellie thought about it for a minute.

"Well I guess" said Ellie.

"You sure?" asked John.

"Ya, I'm sure" said Ellie.

"OK well can you go tell mom that, so she lets it happen" said John.

"Ya" said Ellie.

"Thanks Ellie your the best" said John taking her face in his hands and kissing her forehead, he ran off.

Ellie went to go talk to her mom.

"Hi mom" said Ellie.

"Let me guess John talked to you" said Nancy.

"Ya, but I will be fine trust me" said Ellie.

"Elizabeth Jane I don't want you doing this just to make your brother happy, I don't want you to be uncomfortable being home alone."

"No I will be fine, besides I will have to eventually I can't have a babysitter my whole life."

"OK well if you are OK with it, its fine with me"

Nancy hugged her and Ellie hugged her back.

Ellie went to fine John and tell him, he was in his room.

"She said its fine" said Ellie to John.

"Yes! thanks Curly"

"Your welcome"

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