Chapter 9: I Told Them They Were Going To Get in Trouble

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They were waiting in the waiting room. Jesse was pacing. Chace was leaning against a wall. Will was just sitting and staring. John was sitting with head down. TJ was sitting against a wall. Luke was also just sitting then pacing. Then all of sudden their parents came rushing in.

"Mom and Dad!" yelled Will getting up. Will hugged his mother.

"What happened?" asked Edward seriously.

"Tuck came barking and we followed him to Ellie, she broke her foot, we took her home, we got her changed and was about to ice her foot, then it got really swollen, when we were driving her foot was swollen real bad and purple, she was in and out of consciousness" said Chace.

Nancy hugged Edward.

"Have you heard anything?" asked Edward.

"No, they took here away into surgery" said Jesse.

Just then a doctor came out.

"Elizabeth Jane's parents?" he asked.

Edward and Nancy went towards him.

"Elizabeth Jane is going to be okay, a broken bone in her foot was compressing a nerve. We were able to release it and she should be ok, there is still a lot of swelling, but with some medicines she is going to be okay. She is going to need to be off it for four weeks and lots of rest, elevation and ice, but she will be fine" said Doctor.

"Thank God" said Nancy.

Everyone else was relieved to. They all sighed in relief.

"When can we see her?" asked TJ from behind.

"Soon" said the doctor, he walked off.

An hour went by and then Nancy and Edward would allowed to go see her.

Nancy sat down next to her on the bed and stroked her hair.

"Hi sweet heart" said Nancy.

Ellie got a slight smile.

"What happened? I remember Chace carrying me to the truck and kinda remember see Jesse, but thats it" said Ellie.

"Well you broke your foot and it was hurting a nerve, but you are going to be ok" said Edward.

Ellie smiled

"Can I see my brothers?" asked Ellie.

"Ya sweet heart" said Edward.

"Come on dear" said Edward grabibing Nancy's arm.

Nancy reluctantly left.

Then Jesse and Chace came in.

"Hey sunshine" said Chace sitting down next to her. Jesse was standing behind him.

"Hi" she said, "Thanks."

Jesse and Chace smiled.

"Your going to be okay" said Jesse.

"I love you guys" said Ellie.

"Love you to" they both replied.

Chace kissed her forehead and So did Jesse.

"Hey your times up" said TJ who was outside the door with Will.

"Be patient" said Chace.

Ellie couldn't help but smiled at her brothers. TJ and Will walked in.

They kissed her and began talking to her.

"Whats this a party?" asked Luke who was now waiting outside the door with John.

They walked in.

"Hey Pumpkin" said Luke.

She smiled and they kissed her forehead. Now all her brothers were in the room and they weren't suppose to be.

"You guys are going to get in trouble" said Ellie.

"No we aren't" said TJ.

"Wanna bet" said Ellie.

Just then a nurse came.

"Hey all of you out" said the nurse, "She needs her rest."

"Sorry" they said.

The nurse gave them a look.

Before leaving they all gave Ellie a kiss on the forehead.

"Love ya String Bean" said Jesse.

"Sunshine" all Chace said.

"Rest Red" said TJ.

"You will be okay freckles" said John.

"Love you to Pumpkin" said Luke.

"Behave Munckin" said Will.

The nurse shook her head.

"I told them" said Ellie, "Brothers dont listen"

The Nurse smiled.

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