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The guys of Magic Mike by Champaign269
The guys of Magic Mikeby KJ Jones
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Channing Tatum Kissed Me by smiller23456
Channing Tatum Kissed Meby Summer Nicole Miller
A young teenage girl meet this hot guy and she falls in love. His name is Channing Tatum and his heart is falling in love with a girl and it isn't her.
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The Ring by silverblooms
The Ringby silver
Mia Rhodes is not your typical senior. She doesn't socialize or have many friends. Rhodes spends most of her time at The Ring with her single father who is the head coac...
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Am I really his sex slave? (Channing Tatum Fanfic) by hopeless-ramantic
Am I really his sex slave? ( Hopeless Romantic
Ana got the chance to work on the big Hollywood movie Magic Mike and now gets to work for Channing Tatum himself. She gets easily flustered around him but her job is pre...
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The Life of Elizabeth Jane by thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Janeby thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Jane a girl stuck as the youngest of six older brothers. Her life, her wacky stories of her brothers and her life. The hardships she endures, the l...
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Channing Tatum interracial preferences by queenlilly368
Channing Tatum interracial Alia😊💕
Interracial prefs for Channing Tatum so please no haters because they're not allowed in this piece. So please enjoy these stories written by Alia and Kelly
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Written in the Stars (A Channing Tatum Fan Fiction) by KatRenee98
Written in the Stars (A Channing Kat
Katherine is a 21 year old girl, with big ambitions. A rising actress that gets a chance to star in a movie with Channing Tatum. Yes, the Channing Tatum. Their meeting i...
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Waking Up Sleeping Beauty by Tanya2094
Waking Up Sleeping Beautyby Tanya Jane Pinsoy
Juno is to be wed with someone she barely know, at ipaglalaban nya talaga ang kanyang kalayaan dumanak man ang dugo, but when she saw who will be her groom parang naglah...
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Friendies with Luke friend by TVDhappy
Friendies with Luke friendby TVDhappy
Luke friend is a caring and fun loving person, one day he goes to chase his dream, he goes on the x factor and he has to stay in a house with his competitors and he made...
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Who's the man? (She's the man) by teenagelove12345
Who's the man? (She's the man)by Zoey Blanc
Viola and her twin brother Sebastian move to Illyria. A new school, a new start. Viola's leaving all her friends, Kia and Yvonne back at Cornwall, and she couldn't be mo...
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White House Down by hockey_girl12
White House Downby hockey_girl12
Kinda like the movie but a little twist!
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Adopted by Channing Tatum (ON HOLD) by SkyRedSnow
Adopted by Channing Tatum (ON HOLD)by SkyRedSnow
When I researched a story about being adopted by Channing Tatum,there was none on here.So I was thinking; "Why not make one?" And here I am x3 ------- Kayte is...
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* Channing Tatum Love Story * BWWM by girlwhocried5sauce
* Channing Tatum Love Story * BWWMby girlwhocried5sauce
Just an old story that I wrote in like 7th grade, but didnt want to delete ! Im making a sequal to it, COMING SOON; which is the next chapter. SMUT WARNING, THINGS WILL...
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Fight For You || Channing Tatum by maroonhooligan4life
Fight For You || Channing Tatumby BMShooligan4life
Chan meets a beautiful girl while his in California so he could be an actor but he still finding fun and all He hangs with a couple of friends and meet the beautiful gir...
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The Most Dangerous Kind of Love by Angels_Do_Exist
The Most Dangerous Kind of Loveby Angels_Do_Exist
Channing is a girl who believes in love. She had the perfect boyfriend until he broke up with her because she was moving. When Channing moves to Las Vegas, she meets a m...
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Cute Channing Tatum Imagine by 1Dmixer8
Cute Channing Tatum Imagineby Carla Marie
This is a really cute Channing Tatum imagine. It's really short, but worth it. Enjoy :)
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Water Girl (Original) by JLGrenon
Water Girl (Original)by Janelle
Her dirty blonde hair was soft and light. She had a smile on her face and it was wide and beautiful. She was beautiful. I knew that most guys that stared at her mostly k...
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California Life (A Liam Hemsworth big brother fanfic) by Buffytally
California Life (A Liam Buffytally
13 year old Lindsay Hemsworth moves in with her protective older brother Liam Hemsworth, when Lindsay's mother decides to no longer care for her. Do things work out for...
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just met my brother who i didnt know i had, oh and also his 5 incredibly, gorgeous best friends! by BlondieGirl101
just met my brother who i didnt Rachel P
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