Chapter 5: Forgiving

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Will was taken to the police station. He was lucky though, because they couldn't prove he was drinking and Mr. Carter was going to press charges, but Edward didn't care, he wanted Will to spend the night in a jail cell. So he did. Jesse hated cuffing his own brother, but once at the police station Jesse let Sheriff Jack take over.

By the time Edward and Jesse got back home it was around nine o'clock. Ellie refused to come out of her room or let anyone come in besides Tucker.

Everyone tried, but no could get her to open the door.

"Curly, come on, its not your fault, Will was wrong, you did nothing wrong" said John, trying to coax her out.

She didn't answer.

"Ellie" said John.

Still didn't respond.

Jesse came up the stairs.

"Mom said she won't talk or come out" said Jesse.

"Nope, we all have tried numerous times" said John, "Good luck" he patted Jesse on the back.

"Hey wait" said John turning back around, "Where's Will?"

Jesse shook his head, meaning that he didn't want Ellie to hear, "Ask dad."

John left down the stairs.

"Hey Ellie" said Jesse, "Can we please talk?"

She didn't say anything.

"Sweat heart, its not your fault really. He was the wrong for lying to us, and for making you lie for him. I know you feel guilty, because you feel you gave him away, but you shouldn't because I was going to figure it out eventually, plus that means your a good person, if you felt guilty."

Still no response. He knew she was awake though because he could hear her moving around.

He sighed

"Well, good night Els" said Jesse heading down the stairs.

He turned around to see he flick the lights off and unlock the door, but he didn't go back, he decided it would be best to just let her go.

The next morning Ellie got up before everyone, ate breakfast and headed out to the swing. She wanted to avoid having to talk.

TJ woke up and peaked in Ellie's room she wasn't there. He then looked out the window, of course she was on the swing.

John was now awake.

"I'm going to go talk to her" said TJ.

"No just let her go for awhile, she obviously got up early to avoid everyone" said John.

"She feels so bad for no reason, I want to kill Will" said TJ.

"Ya so do I" said John, "But Will is the only that can fix this."

"Well he isn't to good at those kinda things" said TJ.

"Well he needs to learn" said John.

They headed downstairs for breakfast. Later that morning dad came home will with Will. Edward stopped the truck by the swing where Ellie still was and told Will to get out. Then drove off.

"Ellie listen, I know you hate me right now and I know I deserve that, I was stupid and an idiot. I should have never gone to that party, I should have never ran away, but most of all I should have never had you lie for me. I know I don't deserve to be forgiven, but...." said Will.

Ellie looked up at him.

"I never hated you, I was just mad at you" said Ellie.

"And you have a right to be mad at me" said Will.

"I also don't like being mad at you" said Ellie.

"Does that mean you forgive me munchkin?" said Will.

Ellie smiled "Ya"

She got off the swing and hugged him. He hugged back and then picked her up and put her on his shoulders.

"Promise one thing" said Ellie.

"What?' asked Will.

"Never get drink until you are of age, and when you are don't be stupid about it" said Ellie.

Will smiled "I promise"

"Now promise me the same thing" said Will.

"I promise" said Ellie smiling.

They headed back to house.

Will got everyone in the living.

"I want to apologize to everyone for what I did" said Will, "It was stupid and I am never going to do it again, because it wast stupid and I promised Ellie. I especially want to apologize to Jesse. I know I don't deserve it, but please forgive me."

Jesse didn't smile at first, but then he did and got up and hugged his brother and then there was a big a group hug. Ellie getting squished in the middle.

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