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Vampire's Pet by cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The...
Bloodbank [smut] by moist7
Bloodbank [smut]by moisture
" you're my own personal blood bank. nothing more. " In a post-apocalyptic world run by vampires, human Ebon...
"sunshine and puppy kisses" - [bts x male!hybrid!reader] by uhnamjoon
"sunshine and puppy kisses" - [ jin
Y/N is a hybrid, a samoyed hybrid to be specific. He was depressed, self-conscious, and thought he was going to live his whole life in a hybrid shelter until he met the...
Prey by cannoness
Preyby Cannon
In this life, a human without the money to pay for their own life is worth nothing. Take those humans in as property, breed them, and you'll end up like one of me. One...
The New Home ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
The New Home ((G/T))by Lil' Dove
((THIS COVER WAS DRAWN AND IS OWNED BY @jasper2708!)) Neko's are tiny creatures that have served as pets to humans for hundreds of years. Since they were discovered they...
Shift ✔️ by bearjordan
Shift ✔️by Kayla
Edited Version Available on Amazon!!! ☺️👍🏻 Shift - A Vampire Romance by Kayla Jordan 1 in Shapeshifter 3 in Vampire 22 in Fantasy 4 in Werewolf ~ I whimper softly, b...
Pet by AnAliensPet
Petby We<3Cece
Alex is young human boy who gets abducted by aliens to be turned into a pet. Zanzlo is a male Tanool who recently moved away from his home planet. What happens when Zan...
  Pelting and Master (Male X Male)(completed) by hornyhounddogboy
Pelting and Master (Male X Male) hornyhounddogboy
if living a normal life depressed wasn't bad enough he becomes a pet to some random person. read about Cosmo problem, or not and always wonder about this story
Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AU by ktk446
Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AUby Hi
"I'll keep her as my little pet." COVER BY // @raesarai (I guess people thought this was like some sort of pet-play kink but lol no I didn't know that existed...
Vampire's Pet Slave by Coridella13
Vampire's Pet Slaveby Coridella13
Vampires had taken over the world... Leaving all humans In their shadows. People are to serve vampires as if they were kings and queens, without any questioning. It's ei...
Alphas pet by Bioshockgrl
Alphas petby Bio
Evony, the daughter of alpha kade, of the winter moon pack, is known as a spoiled, stuck up and greedy she-wolf who doesn't pay any mind to those around her, and often l...
Winter Snow  by Vicky4luv
Winter Snow by Victoria Gabriel
When I opened my eyes I was shocked to see that I was locked up in a cage. A cage! " Honey " I heard my mom say. When I fully regained consciousness I realise...
Master's Baby Boy by littleboyblue17
Master's Baby Boyby Wolf Pup
Welyn is a runaway who ends up at an auction house and bought by Keon
Professional Trainer/Master/Daddy? by Cendrillon1996
Professional Trainer/Master/Daddy?by Cinderella
Toby is a new classification, he's a mix of neko and little. He's the first of his kind, no body is sure how to deal with the kitten. Elijah was the professional they ca...
Taken To Be His Pet by SoMuchKatNess
Taken To Be His Petby Kat Kinga Wojcik
Rosalie is an innocent girl with no secrets. Or at least that's what everyone believes. A vampire named Prince Lucas found her, and immediately intrigued by her, he too...
Kidnapped for Him (continued) by Kinky_reads66
Kidnapped for Him (continued)by Madeline
Melanie Stone was taken from her easy life and thrown into a new life with a man with a dark secret. 18+
Prince Lucus  by MoonlightStars94
Prince Lucus by Harley_Smith
18-year-old Melanie Ray has been in a pet shop for 3 years. She lost her parents during a house fire one night while vampires destroyed and burned the town. A vampire p...
My master by Diffie3
My masterby Different
Ivie Lempton: Her mother died while giving birth to her. Her father has an alcohol problem and her brothers hit her. Scott Argon: His biological mother was a prostitute...
Yes mistress girl x girl by xoxamberxoxxoxo
Yes mistress girl x girlby xoxamberxoxxoxo
WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS UNSTABLE SCENES 16+ ONLY! Daniella has been abused, bullied and sold by vampires. When she gets auctioned for the 12th time she gets sold to t...
A Kittens Life by Angelkittencat
A Kittens Lifeby Master's Angel
Zeya is a feisty kitten. She never wanted to be adopted but when she is chosen she is surprised to find herself speechless upon meeting her new master. Her life meets ne...