Chapter 23: Worst Brother Ever!

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Later in the day, the phone rang it was TJ.

"Ellie!" he said.

"Thanks, John and Jesse think it was me" said Ellie.

"Ellie I'm sorry I have been trying to call them all day" said TJ.

"Well they are at the church doing work" said Ellie.

"Well when they get home have them call me" said TJ, "I have to go Els, I love you"

Ellie hung up the phone with out a word. TJ sighed.

"Whats the problem now?" asked TJ's friend Sawyer.

"Now Ellie is mad at me, I don't know how I could have problems right now without even being at home, I'm on the other side of country for God's sake" said TJ.

Sawyer laughed.

"Its not funny" said TJ.

Back at  the house.

"Ellie who was that?" asked Luke.

She didn't answer.

"Ellie?" asked Luke.

Still no answer.

He grabbed her arm.

"Ellie answer me" said Luke.

"TJ" said Ellie pulling away and ran up stairs.

Luke shook his head. He decided to text TJ.

Luke was in the Kitchen when Nancy came in.

"I don't know whats going on between John, Jesse and Ellie and everyone in that matter, but I want it fixed" said Nancy.

Luke gave her a look.

"I do know about Jesse and John, and how Ellie is involved and TJ" said Nancy, "but I want things solved, I'm do not want everyone in this family mad at one another."

"I'm working on it" said Luke. 

Later that night Jesse and John came home. They came up the stairs and Ellie shut her door.

"Great" said Jesse.

"I don't really care if she is mad at us" said John, "She can be upset as she wants"

"What the hell is wrong with you" said Jesse, "We came home drunk, he did what we had to do its over."

"Whatever" said John walking away.

Jesse shook his head.

Luke came up the stairs.

"Call TJ please, so we fix this, mom said everything better be back to normal by the morning" said Luke.

"Alright" said Jesse.

They went into Jesse and John's room.

They called TJ.

"Before you starting yelling, it was me, when Ellie told me she never said mom and dad didn't know. I should have asked, but I didn't and I assumed they did. Its all my fault and don't be mad at Ellie's its not her fault at all" said TJ.

"She should have never told you" said John.

"John, I should have never asked, or tried to get it out of her" said TJ.

"Everytime one of us tries to do that, something bad happens" said Jesse.

"Jesse why aren't you mad" said John.

"Because its over with, John. We did something we should not have done, we paid for it and its over!" said Jesse.

"I just think this would have never happened if Ellie would just listen" said John.

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