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✰ - 𝐁𝐋𝐔𝐄 𝐇𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐄𝐃 𝐁𝐈𝐓𝐂𝐇 ! ' oh so you're that blue haired bitch that everyone loves? ' ' ouch what's that supposed to mean :( ' ( wyatt oleff x !fem oc ) (...
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The Life of Elizabeth Jane by thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Janeby thezookeeper2013
The Life of Elizabeth Jane a girl stuck as the youngest of six older brothers. Her life, her wacky stories of her brothers and her life. The hardships she endures, the l...
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The Child Of The Red Haired Snow White  by XxMusicalHowlxX
The Child Of The Red Haired Snow 🐾XxMusicalHowlxX🐾
Shirayuki and Prince Zen have finally tied the knot. And now they are ready to move on to the next generation. ShiraYuki has been pregnant for 3 weeks and has yet to t...
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A Ghouls Lover Kaneki X Reader Fanfic (Continued from Lemon) by khlo_hyrulepro
A Ghouls Lover Kaneki X Reader chloe h
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Red Head Stranger (Renji x Reader) by pomegranted
Red Head Stranger (Renji x Reader)by ❤️
Another Renji story that is suppose to make up for the last one. This one is short and is a scenario that would take place if someone was aware of hollows. This is how...
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For The Love by wolfandphoenix
For The Loveby Wolf and Phoenix
Daniel is ready to take over his Father's business, allowing his father to retire. But when a maiden catches his eyes, will he chance everything? Luella, a young girl f...
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Kakashi Imagines! by jwriteandread
Kakashi Imagines!by De_Anime_Geek
Just some fluff and romance with (almost) everyone's favorite white-haired ninja! I'll write any scenario, but I'll try to stay away from lemons, sorry... I'm not that g...
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stealing hearts // niall horan by goodlouisvibes
stealing hearts // niall horanby Just another kid
Allison is definitely torn around the edges. Allison. Just Allison. No last name, no middle. Her town calls her 'Grey' because her once blue sparkling eyes have turned i...
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Element Sacred Academy: The Lost Galaxy Haired Princess by littlepsychowritter
Element Sacred Academy: The Lost PSYCHO
Element Sacred Academy: The lost Galaxy haired Princess by: littlepsychowritter TAGLISH May mas we-weird pa ba sa babaeng may buhok na kulay NG galaxy? Yung paran...
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The Babysitter by E-Pen-Writer
The Babysitterby M.Raafay
BASED ON A TRUE INCIDENT With her Silence of Death, the Lady told everyone that how much she loves and Cares for her baby. But, She left behind the symmetric mystery of...
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Age of the Dragon by WhiteRaven2143
Age of the Dragonby Katie
Cassandra Kaiscal was doing what she does best, minding her own business. That is, until an old friend summoned her from her home in the South to his Guild in the Northe...
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I WAS SAVED BY THEM :P by Taylorskye4739277
I WAS SAVED BY THEM :Pby Taylorskye4739277
what will happen when this blue haired beauty named lavender meets 9 boys who change her life forever .. DO NOT COPY MY BOOK GET YOUR OWN IDEAS PLEASE ~TAYLOR
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The wishing well by IReallyShouldnt
The wishing wellby IReallyShouldnt
When he gets trapped in a wishing well and has to find his way out but.. Realizes this isn't about getting out---- if I explained terrible just read it you'll understand
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Into the Forest by arbitrarywarrior196
Into the Forestby Arbitrarywarrior
Into the Forest she went...... To spend a day well spent......... Knowing that people were on her track......... But then night came, putting an end to her game.... But...
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Burned By Your Kisses by megamarie121
Burned By Your Kissesby Megan
Victoria is a 17 year old girl who is sick of life. She has been run over like trash by a boy she loves, Colton. She can't manage to keep her heart from being broken, r...
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M by andeveryonewashappy
Mby andeveryonewashappy
the curly haired boy
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hidden attraction; j.j by thosegilinsky
hidden attraction; j.jby thosegilinsky
in which a rebellious and cynical girl can't seem to understand why the quiet, blonde-haired boy from her school is so infatuated by her until her feelings only end up r...
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Dance Your Hearts Out (Cher Lloyd FanFic) by LittleMsMuffins
Dance Your Hearts Out (Cher Cupcake.
Cay, Sammy, Rea, Bianka and Jan are cousins that is in a group competing for there country. Oh, and did I mention that they are dancers? Great genes huh? Well, back to t...
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