Chapter 22: Goodbye TJ

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TJ was in his room finishing packing it was monday evening and his flight would be leaving in two hours. Ellie came in and plopped down on his bed. TJ gave her a look.

"You still mad at me?" asked TJ.

"No" said Ellie, "I don't want to be mad at you before you leave."

Luke smiled and kissed her forehead.

There was silence.

"Ellie hand me those shoes" said TJ.

Ellie got up and handed the shoes to TJ.

"How long will you be gone?" she asked as she handed him the shoes.

"I don't really know" said TJ.

"You will come back though right?" asked Ellie.

"Ellie of course" said TJ.

Ellie smiled.

"Its going to be weird not having you around" said Ellie.

 "Its going to be weird not having all of you around" said TJ.

"Mom always tells me that one day you will all be gone and it will just be me" said Ellie.

"That is true" said TJ.

"Well she has said that for a few years now and you are all still here" said Ellie.

TJ laughed a little and smiled.

"Thats true to" said TJ.

Ellie smiled

"Carry this for me?" asked TJ.

Ellie picked up the small bag.

TJ grabbed his suit case and guitar and they headed downstairs and outside to Edward's truck. Chace had arrived with Annie. TJ put his bags in the truck and took the one from Ellie. Soon everyone came out and were waiting around. TJ first went up to his mom.

"Bye mom" said TJ hugging her.

"Bye dear, now you be careful, and make sure you call every once and awhile" said Nancy.

"I will mom" said TJ.

"Love you" said Nancy.

"Love you" said TJ as Nancy pulled him in for another hug.

He then went to his dad. He reached out his hand for a shake. Edward took it but then pulled him in for a hug.

"Behave yourself, but have fun" said Edward.

"I will dad thanks" said TJ.

"Love you son" said Edward.

"Love you to" said TJ.

He then went to Chace and shook his hand.

"Another Welsh out of the house" said Chace smiling.

TJ smiled.

"Keep him in a line Annie" said TJ.

"I will try" said Annie smiling.

TJ smiled. He then went to Jesse.

 They shook hands.

"I don't want to have you get you out of jail" said Jesse, "Behave yourself"

TJ smiled.

"I will try, but its good to know I can call you" said TJ smiling.

Jesse smiled.

He then went to John, they shook hands.

"Meet some nice, girl, who I wasn't dating" said John.

TJ smiled.

"Alright I will get one for you" said TJ.

Nancy gave them looks.

He then went to Luke.

"Keep this family in line" said TJ.

"I will try" said Luke.

"And live a little, don't spend your life at a desk" said TJ.

Luke smiled.

He then went to Will.

"Behave" was all TJ said he hugged him.

Finally he went to Ellie. He smiled down at her when he saw her. He picked her up.

"Can I count on you to keep this family together and sane" said TJ.

"Yep" said Ellie smiling, "Until you come back"

"Ya until I come back" said TJ hugging her.

He then put her down.

"Lets go" said Edward getting in the truck.

TJ got in. They backed out.

Jesse picked up Ellie and they all waved as TJ and Edward drove away down the driveway.

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