Chapter 22: Drunk

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That friday, Ellie was up late, she was reading, when she heard some come in the front door, she ignored it figuring it was one of her brothers. Then she heard talking, loud talking and got up to go tell them to shut up. She got up and opened her door. She saw her brothers Jesse, and John fumbling up the stairs, and Luke trying to help them.

"Go to bed Ellie" said Luke. Jesse than ran to the bathroom and John followed. Ellie stood there with a look on her face of disgust. They were drunk.

"Ellie go to bed" said Luke angrier. It was a good thing, their parents bedroom was on the other side of the house, or else they would have been up by now. One of the rules was never come home drunk, because one mom didn't believe in drinking or alcohol.

Jesse and John came out of the bedroom.

"Your both drunk" said Ellie.

"I am not" said Jesse funny.

Ellie snirked.

"If I was drunk I would be throwing up" said John.

"You just did" said Ellie.

 "Did not" said John angruing with her.

Ellie was smiling.

"Luke she is picking on me" said John

Luke shook his head.

"Remember Ellie don't you ever drink its bad for you" said Jesse.

"Then why did you do it?" asked Ellie trying to get them. Luke looked ready to freak out.

"Because its fun" said Jesse.

"You just said it was bad" said Ellie.

"Its is bad" said Jesse. 

Ellie laughed.

 "Ellie! go to bed!" said Luke giving her a stern look. Ellie laughed a little and walked away. Luke shook his head. He then helped Jesse and John to bed.

The next day Ellie woke up, and peaked into Jesse and John's room, she thought about going in and messing with them, because she knew they were hungover, or convincing her father of making them do work, because it would be funny, but then Luke came up behind and shut the door.

"Don't even think about it" said Luke.

Ellie sighed.

"What?" asked Ellie.

"I know exactly what you were going to do, you were going to mess them, I have done so many times to hung over people" said Luke.

"Alright fine, but drunk people are funny" said Ellie.

"Ellie stop and come back here" said Luke.

Ellie sighed turned around and stood in front of Luke.

"Listen, drinking is wrong, bad and dangerous. If I ever find out you ever drink, before you 21 I will make sure you never leave this house again and I will never trust you again" said Luke.

"I know its bad, and I don't want to, it was just fun to mess with them" said Ellie.

"Good" said Luke.

"You think its funny to" said Ellie.

"No I don't" said Luke walking away to his room.

"Yes you do!" said Ellie.

Luke peaked out of his.

"Maybe I do" he said and went back in.

"But its wrong" he said peaking his head out the door with a smile.

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