Chapter 8: An Empty Swing

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The weekend soon came. Nancy was in the kitchen making dinner. Edward in his office working. Jesse was at work. TJ was up in his room working on a song. John was watching TV with Will. Luke was studying of course and Chace was working to. It was nice out so Ellie decided to go for a walk.

"Mom, I'm going for a walk" said Ellie.

"Alright, don't be gone to long, dinner will be ready soon" said Nancy.

"I won't" replied Ellie as she ran out the door with Tucker.

She headed into the woods and just walked for awhile. She then came to the stream, she wasn't paying attention and tripped. She fell down the small embankment and hit her foot of a rock. She cried out in pain. Tucker ran down after her.

He barked and licked her face.

"Its ok Tuck" said Ellie, "Im fine"

She went to stand up, but fell back down in pain. She thought that her foot or ankle was broken.

She crawled up the embankment then proped herself against a tree. Tucker came and laid down next to her.

"What now Tuck, its getting dark and I can't walk, but they know I'm gone they will be here soon" said Ellie.

Tucker tilted his head. She petted him on the head.

Back at the house, dinner was ready and Nancy called everyone to the table.

Ellie wasn't there.

"Boys would one of you go call for your sister, she went for a walk about twenty minutes ago" said Nancy.

"Ya sure" said John getting up and heading out the door. From the porch he called her name.

"ELLIE!" he called and then called again.

No response, so headed inside.

"She didn't answer, she probably just lost track of time" said John.

"Well she better hope she gets her butt hear soon" said Nancy.

They all smiled. Dinner was soon over and TJ was helping Nancy clear the table.

"Where is that girl?" said Nancy, "Its getting dark."

"Im sure she is fine, you know Ellie getting lost in her own world" said TJ.

"Ya, but would you go call for her again" said Nancy.

"Ya sure" said TJ walking off.

He stood on the porch and called her name. There was no response. Nancy came out on the porch.

"She didn't answer" said TJ.

"Im getting worried, go get your brothers and go look for her" said Nancy.

"Mom?" said TJ.

"No go" said Nancy.

"Ok" said TJ as he went to get them.

"Hey guys moms worried about Ellie, she wants us to go look for her" said TJ.

They all sighed and got up.

"Whats going on?" asked Edward.

"Mom's worried about Ellie, she hasn't come back yet" said TJ.

"Ok well go look her, if you don't find her in the next ten minutes come back" said Edward.

They all headed out. TJ and Will went to the woods near by. John and Luke went down the road. They looked and looked no sign. They even called her name. Jesse had already gone to work.

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