Chapter 13: Attitude Problem

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It was the weekend, all Ellie's brothers were working, she was home with her mom and dad.

Ellie was in the Kitchen with her mom, cutting up vegetables for a salad.

"How was being back at school?" asked Nancy.

"Fine" said Ellie.

"Do understand everything, you have been out for awhile?" asked Nancy.

"Yep" answered Ellie.

"Elizabeth Jane, can we please try and use more than one word for a response" said Nancy.

"Why?" asked Ellie.

She was not in a good mood.

"Because, I want to know about school and how it has been going and everything" said Nancy.

"Why?" asked Ellie with attitude.

"Because I am your mother and now stop with the attitude" said Nancy.

"May I go know I'm done with the salad?" asked Ellie getting her crutches and standing up.

"Yes I suppose so, but you need to change your attitude" said Nancy.

Ellie hobbled off to the living room.

Edward walked in.

"Whats the problem?" asked Edward.

"I don't she has an attitude and is in a bad mood" said Nancy.

"Something must be bothering her" said Edward.

"Well she is certainly not going to tell me what it is" said Nancy.

"I will" said Edward walking off to go talk to her.

"Hey Ellie" said Edward.

"Hi dad" said Ellie.

"Whats the problem kiddo?" asked Edward.

"Nothing, really" said Ellie.

"Then why are you giving your mother such an attitude?" asked Edward, "Thats not like you."

"I'm just tired I'm not use to the long days at school, thats all really" said Ellie.

"Alright if you say so" said Edward.

He got up and kissed her forehead.

"I love you honey" said Edward.

"Love you to dad" said Ellie.

Later that night they had dinner, but no one was home except for Ellie and her parents, Ellie ate in the living room, mostly to avoid talking to her parents.

TJ came in the door.

"TJ come here!" yelled Edward from his office.

"Ya dad" said TJ poking his head in.

"Come in here" said Edward.

"Am I in trouble or something?" asked TJ.

"No" said Edward giving him a look.

"Something is upsetting your sister, she is givng me and your mother and attitude and won' t tell us what is she says she is just tired, but I knowthat is not the case, try and see if you can get it out her" said Edward.

"Sure thing dad, Where is she?" asked TJ.

"The living room" said Edward.

TJ headed off to talk to Ellie.

"Hey Els" said TJ.

"Let me guess, dad sent you in here to talk to me" said Ellie with attitude.

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