Chapter 10: Welcome Home

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Two days later, Ellie came home. She was on crutches and had a cast on her foot, but overall was feeling a lot better.

Nancy and Edward pulled up the driveway with Ellie. All of her brothers came running out the door. They had made a welcome home sign, had balloons, and noise makers. Edward opened the door.

Tucker was also there, he was barking excessively. Ellie was most happy to see him, after all he did save her life.

"Welcome Home!" they all yelled and blew the noise makers.

Edward just shook his head. Nancy was smiling

Ellie got a big smile on her face.

Jesse picked her up and carried her inside. They sat in the living room, Ellie sat on Jesse's lap

"Feels good to be home doesn't it?" asked John.

"Ya it does, I hate hospitals, especially the food" replied Ellie.

They all laughed.

"Elizabeth Jane, you don't hate anything" said Nancy from around the corner.

"Sorry mom I mean I strongly dislike" Ellie corrected.

Her mom hated when she or her brothers used the word hate.

"Jesse she needs to evaluate her leg" said Nancy.

"I'm fine" said Ellie.

Her mom gave her a look, "You will listen to the doctor."

"Yes mam" said Ellie.

Jesse pushed Will and TJ off the couch and onto the floor. They fell on top of each other.

"Hey" said Will.

"Move" said Jesse.

"You don't have to be so aggressive about it" said TJ.

Jesse helped Ellie lay down and then Luke put pillows under her foot.

"What do you want to watch?" asked Luke.

"Um... I don't know" said Ellie.

Luke clicked on the TV, he found that there was a Harry Potter weekend on.

"Here Harry Potter, even though you have seen everyone a billion times" sad Luke.

"It is just as good everytime" said Ellie.

Luke shook his head.

"I'm not watching Harry Potter" said John.

"None of you are" said Nancy coming in his some juice and a sandwhich for Ellie, "She needs her rest."

"Mom" they all said.

"No out" said Nancy.

"What are we suppose to do?" asked Will.

"Well how about homework, school work, or work in general" said Nancy.

They all sighed and left.

Luke kissed her forehead before leaving.

"Wait time is it?" asked Jesse.

"Noon" replied John.

"Shit I'm late for work" said Jesse.

"Jesse! watch your language" said Nancy.

"Sorry mom" said Jesse running out the door.

Later that day Chace came home.

"Hows Ellie?" asked Chace to his mother.

"She is doing well, a lot better now that she is home" said Nancy.

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