The Final Chapter

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Christmas came and went, along with some people. A few weeks after Christmas TJ moved to Los Angeles with his band, where he now recording his music. He calls every week though to talk. Ellie told him she couldn't wait to hear his band on the radio. 

John eventually got back in to school and a semester later graduated. He then got a job working for  as an enigneer in the City of Boston. He moved out there and got his own apartment and is doing well.

 Jesse ended up getting a job as a police officer in Boston as well, so he and John moved in together. So that just leaves, Chace, Luke and Will.

Well Luke was in his final year, and eventually graduated with Honors and got a job working for a compnay, that had something do with business, thats all Ellie knew at least.

Chace and Annie got engaged and got married 6 months later it was a beautiful wedding.

Will graduated high school, barely, but he did, and now he attends a college in Pennslyvania. 

As for Ellie her days weren't spend on the swing with her new pup Winnie.

So everyone moved out, it was hard on Ellie, she didn't like, but knew she would get use to. Even Edward and Nancy didn't like how quiet the house was. Ellie missed them all so much. She sent them tons of emails, and letters and called all the time. She knew this day was coming and she knew that her life was going to change, but it was still a great life, The Life of Elizabeth Jane

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