Chapter 18: SNOW!

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It had been a month since Tucker died, and Ellie was doing a lot better. She woke up saturday morning to snow. There was at least a foot on snow outside and was no just slightly snowing. She jumped out of bed and ran to her brothers room. Luke and TJ shared a room, Will had his own and Jesse and John shared her ran into Luke's and TJ's. 

"LUKE! TJ!" she yelled.

She jumped on Luke's bed.

"Ellie" said Luke rolling over and put a pillow over his ears.

"IT SNOWED!" she yelled.

He rolled over.

"Shhh Ellie, what time is it?" asked Luke.

"I don't know, but who cares it snowed!" said Ellie.

"Go away" said Luke rolling back over and put pillows over his ears.

She ran to TJ and jumped on his bed.

"No Ellie" said TJ.

She huffed and jumped off the bed and ran to Jesse and John's room.

"Jesse! John!" she yelled.

They groaned.

"It snowed!" she yelled.

"Great, because I have never seen it before in my life" said John sarcastically.

"Why are you all party poopers?" asked Ellie.

"Go back to bed" said Jesse.

 Ellie got a smirk on her face, ran to her room and got dressed in warm clothes, then ran down stairs.

"Good Morning dear" said Nancy, "Why are you dressed and up so early?"

"Morning mom, it snowed!" said Ellie, "Thats why! and the boys wont wake up"

Nancy smiled.

"Leave them alone, they will wake up soon" said Nancy.

Ellie sighed and grabbed a muffin then ran to the door and got dressed.

"ElizabethJane you need to have an actual breakfest before you go out" said Nancy.

"Mom" complained Ellie.

"No" said Nancy.

Ellie went in got a bowl of cereal and had an orange.

"Now may I go?" asked Ellie.

"Yes, but do not go to the sleding hill till your brothers are with you" said Nancy.

"Mom" she complained again.

"Listen to your mother Ellie" said Edward.

"Yes dad" said Ellie.

She went outside and decided to make snowballs and throw them at her brothers windows. She could only hit Jesse and John's if she was going to stay in the front yard. She started throwing snowballs, missing the window and sometimes hitting it.

"What the hell?" asked Jesse.

"I'm going to kill her" said John getting up and going to the window, he opened it.

Before Ellie saw him, she threw a snowball.

"Hey Ellie cut it out!" yelled John. The snowball then hit him in the face.

Ellie got a straight face, but then laughed a little.

"Your dead" said John pointing at her and closing the window.

Inside Jesse was laughing.

"Shut up" said John.

He started to get dressed.

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