dive // david dobrik by sadevents
dive // david dobrikby bitch
"personally, i think you're an overhyped, self-absorbed, attention seeking piece of shit" "personally, i think no one gives a fuck" // in which they...
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Call it What You Want by AnythingElseToAdd
Call it What You Wantby c
Lily, a sophomore college student in California who has just been dumped by her manipulative ex, is a complete wreck. She would never admit it, though, not even to herse...
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youtube royalty [david dobrik] by aIwaysbored
youtube royalty [david dobrik]by liz
"you aren't a fucking king dobrik, don't expect me to bow down to you." "don't flatter yourself. your opinion doesn't hurt me because nobody cares what y...
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Right Away [David Dobrik] by fanaticfalling
Right Away [David Dobrik]by fanaticfalling
No one ever really thought about David moving on after his break-up with Liza, not even the girl herself.
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HOME / David Dobrik by smalltalker
HOME / David Dobrikby Maria
Sometimes, home is more than just a place.
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black roses | The Lost Boys (1987) by sarcxstic-stilinski
black roses | The Lost Boys (1987)by ???
"How do you keep a flower shop open in Santa Carla of all places?" "Easist gift for the grieving. Flower shops thrive in places like this." "And...
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Forced marriage (Not edited yet) by sarahs29
Forced marriage (Not edited yet)by sarahs29
"I'm gonna make things clear". He said walking slowly toward me as I took a few steps back. "I was forced into this too.". My back hit the wall as he...
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Starstruck ★ David Dobrik by PhoebeDillard
Starstruck ★ David Dobrikby Phoebe Dillard
A story in which a boy wants a happy ending with a girl who doesn't believe she'll ever get one. Charlie Bennet's a bit of a walking disaster when it comes to all t...
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Diza smut by sheneedsit
Diza smutby Soft4diza
Liza : OH DAVID UHH DAVID OMG DAVID David : u like that slut ? U like it when i rub ur wet cunt huh? Liza : DAVID YEAH FUCK UR SO HOT
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Touch || David Dobrik by premiumen
Touch || David Dobrikby premiumen
Evelyn's and David's adventures through social media and the streets of LA. Slow burn. • ~ • And as Evelyn and David looked at one another, she pretended for just a mome...
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Baby, baby. {D. D.} by urmomzchesthair
Baby, baby. {D. D.}by kevin from AP
"Watch my baby, keep her safe. Claim her as your own. Is that too much to ask?" He rolls his eyes at me, the small child bouncing happily in his lap. The baby'...
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david x liza oneshots  by dobriksxo
david x liza oneshots by shea
will you ever stop loving me?
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addicted | d. dobrik by -DIAVOLOS
addicted | d. dobrikby lina
ADDICTED! ↴ in which a boy finds the feelings for a girl he tried to get over, again started - 9/30/18 ended - highest - 17 in daviddobrik, 11/14/18 - 11 in david, 11/28...
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almost love! ↳ dobrik by dannyfire15
almost love! ↳ dobrikby brielle! ♡
david dobrik is a naturally confident person. he knows how to talk to people and he knows how to get them to do what he wants. talking to people has always been easy for...
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Marko Lost Boy by Queen_Warrior186
Marko Lost Boyby Queen_Warrior186
The lost boys hear whimpering and to see a werewolf who is injured of course Laddie went to it and see looks in Markos eyes and he realized she's his mate .... but there...
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Diza oneshots❤️ by babyblue2_
Diza oneshots❤️by babyblue2_
Random short stories about my favorite YouTube friendship, David and Liza.
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LICK  (STAGE DIVE SERIES #1) by Yulie_siska
Karya Terjemahan karangan Kylie Scott Rencana Evelyn Thomas untuk merayakan ulang tahunnya yang ke dua puluh satu tahun di Las Vegas sangatlah besar. Tapi di yakin seya...
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The Boys and Me by ihavanobsession
The Boys and Meby ihavanobsession
As she started her senior year at a new school, Alissa didn't think much could happen. The school was divided into cliques so as long as she stayed in her place, she'd b...
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Doctor Who x Reader One-Shots by StrangeWhiteGirl321
Doctor Who x Reader One-Shotsby Strange White Girl
Imagine being swept off your feet by the Doctor. Befriending his companions, crossing time and space. The dangers its worth, and the trouble you two cause. (I will take...
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Camp Camp x Reader by ItsTotalyBlue
Camp Camp x Readerby Alyssa Sargent
(She pronouns, if male or whatever ignore the pronouns I guess) (This also turns into a David x Reader.) A beautiful and crazy camp, with laughs, good times- Let's cut...
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