Rowan •david dobrik• by IDreamOfJuly
Rowan •david dobrik•by PrestigousWill
disclaimer: I have nothing against Liza & David. Their relationship is the most adorable thing in the world. There's just not many fics about David with anyone else &quo...
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c l i c k b a i t ;   david dobrik ✓ by tomsobrien
c l i c k b a i t ; david dobrik...by daisy
❝ baby, that's going to be some good ass clickbait ❞ she wasn't sure it would make a good story...
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for the camera | heath hussar by vlogsquadtrash
for the camera | heath hussarby Drea
"C'mon, you guys always give me great clickbait..." "Fuck off, David." Everything you do is always different for the camera...
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lemon / david dobrik by sweetpeech
lemon / david dobrikby sweetpeech
Arlo Phoenix moved to California for a fresh start, and that's just what she got when she met David Dobrik
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Max x reader. Hate Love. (Camp camp) by Abbyawesome1238
Max x reader. Hate Love. (Camp cam...by _Geek_girl_
Actually, not a lot of swearing. (Try to make it a little more kid friendly) THE STORY IS CONTINUING STILL.
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Pursued By The Devil (Version 4.0) by BabyMetalHead2018
Pursued By The Devil (Version 4.0)by ;3 Mosh Babe ;3
Sixteen year old Blair is the average teenage girl. She spends all her time in her bedroom, surfing the internet. And on the rare occasion she's out skateboarding or han...
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vlog squad preferences by guccidobrik
vlog squad preferencesby cynthia
vlog squad preferences and imagines includes: +david dobrik +scotty sire +toddy smith +alex ernst
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Concrete Rose (Dave East) by dee_rae
Concrete Rose (Dave East)by Desho
"Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Provin nature's laws wrong it learned how to walk without havin feet. Funny, it seems to by kee...
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My not so sweet daughter (Father Daughter incest) by AugustNeverson
My not so sweet daughter (Father D...by AugustNeverson
Rachel is my darling nineteen year old daughter and I am a proud dad, But what happens when your sweet innocent flesh and blood comes in your room in nothing but sexy bl...
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The New Roommates ▷ Toddy Smith by unconditionally
The New Roommates ▷ Toddy Smithby ♡Mrs. Toad Smith♡
What happens when Madeline moves in with Toddy Smith, Scotty Sire & Jason Nash?? Quality vlog footage. {Reached #1 in Todd Smith fanfiction}
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Game { DAVE EAST FANFIC } by ClassyFaith
Game { DAVE EAST FANFIC }by Faith Hoppie
There's so many connections. The world is so bloody small. Falling in love with people that suddenly become your enemies. Pasts are unfortunately revisited. Read to find...
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Scotty Sire's little sister by vlog_squad
Scotty Sire's little sisterby vlog_squad
Hi, my name's McKenna Sire. If you haven't guessed, Scotty sire is my brother. Not only is he my brother, but he's my protective older brother. He's also a YouTuber who...
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blush. (David Dobrik x Reader) by disfunctionaldobrik
blush. (David Dobrik x Reader)by tals❤️🚀
A twisting tale of love, drama, and clickbait.
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Accidental Love (Diza Fanfiction) by meeagee14
Accidental Love (Diza Fanfiction)by Tootiredtoofunction
"The first look is accidental, but the second one is intentional." Liza Koshy just wants to finish high school focusing on grades and getting into college, lik...
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what do you get when you mix friendship with feelings? a lovelorn teenage girl. © ava 2017-2018
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Dream // David Dobrik by kalelkalel
Dream // David Dobrikby kalelkalel
☁️dream☁️ drēm/ noun noun: dream; plural noun: dreams a person or thing perceived as wonderful or perfect ☁️🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙☁️🌙 A lust story with a poetic twi...
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Camp Camp: Someone who cares (Dadvid) FINISHED by abigpileoftrash
Camp Camp: Someone who cares (Dadv...by Cucumber Penguin
After Max saves David from falling down a steep slope he needs to go to hospital, giving David a peek into Max's home life. It wouldn't be Camp Camp without swearing. Ju...
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Welcome to Camp Campbell! | Max x Reader  by CiciCasanova
Welcome to Camp Campbell! | Max x...by •Momma Cici•
A new fucking camper! Fuck! (Y/N) is a new camper in Camp Campbell! And-... that sucks... Let's just hope she makes it out alive. New Chapter Every Monday, Wednesday, an...
  • max
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Bleachers by emotionsaregood
Bleachersby Catherine Butler
In which a boy named David, who is sitting on the bleachers and watching the soccer practice, clumsily knocks over his bottle of cola, which lands on Lainey, who was sit...
  • fanfic
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°×"You're okay..."×° (Max x Reader) by iFrogTea
°×"You're okay..."×° (Max x Reader)by Cockichi
🚫No smut, don't expect any. Ages: 12-15 (For characters) Backstory: You're a kid who never really got any love or attention from their parents. You and you're brother c...
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