Chapter 4: The Musical Performance

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Ellie was walking up the driveway after being dropped off by the bus. Tucker was walking with her. He would always wait at the bus stop for her and was never late. Ellie was whistling as she strolled up the road. TJ pulled up with his truck.

"Hey Red" said TJ.

"Hi TJ" said Ellie.

"How was school?"

"Ok" said Ellie.

"Listen I need you to play the violen for me in a performance this saturday" said TJ.

"Ya sure!" said Ellie.

"Ok good I will go over the music with you later tonight, when I get home, but right now I need to get to class before I'm late" said TJ.

He did a donut in the driveway and sped away.

Ellie shook her head. Their dad hated when they did that, because it messed up the gravel.

Later that night Ellie was sitting on couch, Luke came over and sat down next to her.

She gave him a odd look

"What?" asked Luke.

"You aren't studying?" said Ellie.

"No, Im done" said Luke.

"Since when do you have nothing to do?" asked Ellie.

"Am I not allowed to have free time and spend time with my little sister, who I never spend time with" said Luke.

Ellie smiled

"Fine by me" she said

Luke pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

"TJ told me, you are playing for him this weekend" said Luke.

"Ya about that..." said Ellie.

"What?" asked Luke.

"Well I forgot that I had my championship soccer game saturday. I was so excited about playing for TJ this weekend, that I forgot about soccer, because I haven't played for him in so long" said Ellie.

"Well just tell him you can't" said Luke.

"Ah can you?" asked Ellie.

"Ha no" said Luke, "Why don't you want to tell him? He will understand."

"No he won't last time I backed out, because I was to nervous and he got so mad" said Ellie.

"Ellie" said Luke, "It will be fine"

"No it won't" she said jumping up, "You were studying that night so you weren't there."

The front door opened. Ellie stopped.

"Ellie!" yelled TJ.

"Im out" said Ellie trying to runaway.

"No, your not" said Luke picking her up around the waist and carrying her to TJ.

"She has something to tell you" said Luke.

"No I don't" said Ellie folding her arms.

"Yes you do" said Luke.

He sat her down and walked away.

"Whats up Els?" asked TJ.

"You know when I said that I wanted to do the performance with you saturday..." said Ellie.

"Ya" said TJ questionably.

"Well, I kinda forgot about my championship soccer game" said Ellie cringing.

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